Introducing Josh X-an-tus

Like a shooting star, Josh X-an-tus has gone from obscurity as a multi-talented Julliard trained musician, to heating up the blogosphere with his first recorded single “Let’s Ride” featuring Roc-A-Fella MC Jadakiss. With a song and video premiering online just a week ago, the track has already appeared on Kanye West’s blog with a re-mix created (out of the blue) by Consequence. “Let’s Ride” is attracting a myriad of listeners, drawing artists and fans alike to the sound, beat and feel that the newest talent to hit the internet has crafted. No small feat for a kid that just released his first single – ever.

With his buzzworthy debut catching fire on the ‘net, Josh X-an-tus has been catapulted to a level of recognition around New York City with DJ’s from top hip hop stations, Hot 97 and Power 105, pumping the single with no formal radio promotion.

As quick as his ascendance may be, Josh has spent years honing his craft with a vision to become first and foremost an artist and musician The singer-songwriter began at the innocent age of six years old courtesy of his mother who had a desire for her children to play an instrument. X-an-tus gravitated towards the piano and never looked backed. The New York native justifies his love for the piano because of the soothing vibe it exudes, which you will hear sprinkled throughout his music. Writing songs since he was just thirteen, his goal is to create timeless music that serves a purpose.

Now twenty two years old and a graduate of Five Towns, Josh X-an-tus has arrived with the soulful dream of creating a legacy and longevity- something that’s sorely missed in today’s age of creating that one-hit record and riding it to the wheels fall off. X-an-tus places himself closest to a new version of a young Stevie Wonder garnering a diverse amount of inspiration from Brian McKnight to Coldplay. With “Let’s Ride”- off of his upcoming album Can I Live- Josh X-an-tus is putting his money where his mouth, and pen, is.

Josh doesn’t feel pressure from being so young surrounded by a circle of expectations. A mood he expresses on the hard-hitting “Can I Live.” The track displays his knowledge of the industry and the rapid bandwagon popularity that comes with it. The real foundation of this album is grounded in X-an-tus’ quest to find balance in career and relationships. This is written crystal clear in the almost too serious “In Luv With 2.” It is a battle the twenty-two year old phenom seems to be in control of, which only screams maturity and a music career that could lead to an empire.

So get acquainted with the name Josh X-an-tus and get ready to see him on a television screen near you. With plans of one day owning his own label and grooming talent, similar to the likes of Berry Gordy, you’ll also see his name in the credits. Simply stated, Josh X-an-tus will be everywhere.

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Author: James McQuiston

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