McCarthy Trenching – Tripwire premieres “The Most Attractive Disguise” video, adds yet more dates.

This Week, the Tripwire premiered McCarthy Trenching’s darling new video “The Most Attractive Disguise,” calling the video “appropriately simple and endearing, showcasing his love of music, nature, beer and… well, that’s about it.”

Shot with a ‘62 Bolex 16mm with a hand crank motor, director Mark Maziarz got quite a workout. Filming the video on the water was especially a challenge. The making of the video was a cardio/soul workout for McCarthy Trenching’s Dan Trenching and the many waders on hand.

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McCarthy Trenching Adds EVEN More Tour Dates on his seemingly never ending fall tour!

Kicking off in Tulsa, OK on September 25, McCarthy Trenching weaves a mix of alt country, bar room dittys and bittersweet ballads.

Team Love releases Calamity Drenching on November 4th

Songs: Illinois
“The songs offered up are a combination of Bright Eyes earnestness and Felice Brother rootsyness. I know I’ve compared a number of artists to him of late but on “Roasting Song” there is a serious nod to John Prine. These songs were recorded in Dan’s living room on an 8-track which adds to their warmth and sincerity.”

“I’m not exaggerating here, folks. McCarthy Trenching is one of the coolest new projects I’ve had to pleasure of discovering this year. Every song on this album is a highlight, and you really oughta give it a shot. You can thank me later”

“That glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow is usually dashed somehow, in political scandal, murder, the weather, whatever. McCarthy Trenching, fronted by Nebraska singer-songwriter Dan McCarthy, captures acutely the extinguishing of that glimmer….. songs are about as down as you can get, full of missed opportunity, booze, etc. “

You Crazy Dreamers
“Mixture of Bar room waltzes, poppy alt-country and some sweet ballads make up the album. I think 2008 could be the year McCarthy steps from out of the shadows of his contemporaries and possibly outshine them all.”

Side One Track One
“This one is highly recommended.”

Tour Dates
9/25 The Marquee-Tulsa OK
9/26 Hailey’s –Burleson, TX – with Neva Dinova, Jose Gonzalez
9/27 Emo’s- Austin, TX- with Neva Dinova
9/29 Rhythm Room- Tucson, AZ- with Neva Dinova
10/01 Silverlake Lounge- Los Angeles, CA
10/02 Hemlock Tavern-San Francisco, CA- with Neva Dinova
10/03 Silver Moon Brewing-Portland, OR- with Neva Dinova
10/04 Towne Lounge- Portland, OR- with Neva Dinova
10/05 Tractor Tavern- Seattle, WA- with Neva Dinova
10/06 Neurolux- Boise, ID with Neva Dinova
10/08 Kilby Court- Salt Lake City, UT- with Neva Dinova
10/09 Hi Dive- Denver, CO- with Neva Dinova
10/10 The Waiting Room- Omaha, NE- with Neva Dinova
10/11 Vaudeville Mews- Des Moines, IA- with Neva Dinova
10/16 Mixology-Springfield, IL
10/17 Double Door- Chicago, IL- with Katie herzig, Samantha Crain and the everybodyfields
10/18 Beachland Ballroom- Cleveland, OH- with Katie herzig, Samantha Crain and the everybodyfields
10.21- The Nick- Birmingham, LA- with Neva Dinova
10.23- Sluggos- Pensacola, FL- with Neva Dinova
10.24- Wills Pub- St. Augustine, FL- with Neva Dinova
10.25- Café Eleven- St. Augustine, FL- with Neva Dinova
10.26- The Earl- Atlanta, GA- with Neva Dinova
10.27- The Soapbox- Wilmington, NC- with Neva Dinova
10.29- DC9- Washington, DC- with Neva Dinova
10.30- Barbary- Philadelphia, PA- with Neva Dinova
10.31- Union Hall- Brooklyn, NY- with Neva Dinova
11.01- Mercury Lounge- New York, NY- with Neva Dinova
11.02- The Space- Hampden, CT- with Neva Dinova
11.03- Great Scott- Boston, MA- with Neva Dinova
11.04- Mohawk, Buffalo, NY- with Neva Dinova
11.06- Pike Room, Pontiac, MI- with Neva Dinova
11.09- The Space, Evanston, IL- with Neva Dinova

Notes On McCarthy Trenching’s Calamity Drenching:
A. McCarthy Trenching just bought a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of Old Overholt and came home to write this intro for the blurb on his new record (here we are). After having played a benefit concert for a little boy who was badly burned when he tipped a vegetable steamer over onto himself. After having made a promise to an old friend that no songs about horse racing would be played at the concert, on account of the cruelties of the sport, a promise which was broken.

McCarthy Trenching’s latest songs tend to be centered around rejections: romantic ones, religious ones, rejections of high holidays and of higher education, the rejection that happens when a driver hits “eject” on her tape player and throws the cassette out the window. McCarthy Trenching is probably a couple deep right now.

B. McCarthy Trenching spent most of 2007 touring, with an extended opening slot on the Bright Eyes Cassadaga tour, a date here and there warming the stage with the likes of M. Ward, Victoria Williams, Jason Isbell, Mark Olson and even radio hit Peter, Bjorn & John. Then we came home for a bad Nebraska winter, spending most of our time shoveling snow and recording songs.

The result is Calamity Drenching, a collection of songs about horse racing, the romance of cassette tapes (and losing that particular romance), piano practice, religious doubt, inclement weather, and Bar-B-Q. And there is an accordion solo titled after a line from Carl Sandberg’s poem “Happiness.” We think it’s a worthy follow-up to our self-titled Team Love release from last year – it captures a more concentrated period of songwriting and recording, but contrary to what “Detritus” implies, we have not quit drinking.

C. Disappointment is rife, but solace is also to be found: in friendship, in music, in horse racing, and in cutting close to the bone in all endeavors.

D. Having lost faith in Catholicism and Romantic Love, what does one look to? Such unreliable sources as friends, music, beer, bar-b-que, and gambling. Not bad, right?

E. Calamity Drenching collaborators include: Steve Bartolomei (Mal Madrigal), Ben Brodin (Before the Toast and Tea), Stefanie Drootin (The Good Life, She & Him, Bright Eyes), Tim Jensen (The Golden Age), Pearl Lovejoy Boyd (Outlaw con Bandana), Ted Stevens (Cursive, Mayday), Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art in Manila) and Phillip “Too-Tall” Shaffart, who says “Trench is Omaha’s best songwriter, no big deal.”

F. McCarthy Trenching prefers to record at home, since there is so much snow-shoveling to do during the winter. All of the songs were recorded on 8-track tape machines, mostly in the living room, because that’s where the piano is.

G. Dan McCarthy’s multi-instrumental talent can also be heard on Bright Eye’s “Cassadaga”, Maria Taylor’s “Lynn Teeter Flowers”, Cursive’s “Happy Hollow”, The Good Life’s “Album of the Year”, and Tilly and the Wall’s “Bottoms of Barrels” and “o”.

H. So far in 2008, McCarthy Trenching has circled the states once already with The Felice Brothers and Justin Townes Earl and plans to visit every nook and cranny with a two month tour this Fall covering 50 cities.

Editors Note:
Team Love would like to interject that they believe, despite Dan’s humble portrayal above, Calamity Drenching is a monumental follow-up to the self-titled Team Love release last year – exploring the power of piano driven songs and weaving clever tales of rejection and disappointment – wrapped in the feeling of solitude one can only experience in the depths of a midwestern Winter.

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