Morel’s “The Death of the Paperboy” due out 11/4.

There’s a moment when everything changes.
A split second from which point everything that follows
is forever different from what came just an instant before.
Sometimes it’s a phone call
Sometimes it’s a handshake
Sometimes it’s a look in your best friends eyes.
You never expect it.
You never forget the moment
When for the first time you realize that you can’t go back,
Ever again.
– “The Death Of The Paper Boy (Part 2)”

“To me, the song lyrics above perfectly capture the central theme of the album,” says Morel’s namesake leader, Richard Morel summing up “The Death Of The Paper Boy,” his third autobiographical, selfproduced studio project. Describing it simply as “eleven new songs about the things that bring you down,” he adds, “The album’s title is a metaphor for the very personal narrative–mine–contained within: a boy’s rite of passage into manhood, the opening of his eyes to the sad ironies, disappointments, what-ifs of the world and the erosion of innocence along the way.” Deep, yes, but this is what Morel’s fans have come to expect. “People come up to me and say they love my lyrics,” he says with a laugh, “Then they proceed to quote something that’s not at all what I said, but I wish I’d had.”

“He croons like Morrissey in that feel-good-about-feeling-bad way, but he’s not afraid to get laid once in a while…Morel sounds like the second coming of something that in his case neverstopped coming in the first place…” – Paper Magazine on Morel/“Lucky Strike,” September 2004.

Whereas previous Morel albums, “Queen Of The Highway” (2002) and “Lucky Strike” (2005) both
explored the limits of just what electro-pop could be–bolting rock songs to muscular club tracks–“TheDeath Of The Paper Boy” marks a divergence. Morel explains, “Instead of mixing the dance elements with the rock/electronic elements, I wanted to keep the genres separate so I could explore the elements of both with out feeling the need to compromise the sound of either.” “Disc-1” is the Morel album in traditional format. The companion CD, “Disc-O,” contains eight Pink Noise (Richard Morel’s electronic music producer alias) remixes of select songs from the album, programmed as a non-stop DJ mix. “Disc-O” also contains a bonus track, Morel’s cover of David Bowie’s “Sweet Thing.” “Disc-O,” clearly demonstrates that a great song retains its integrity, regardless of interpretation. While the album versions shimmer in a slow emotional haze of still introspection, the remixed versions are emotion in motion, crying, sweating, running off shadowboxing into the night. Morel calls it “shoegazer disco.”

Morel has recently been name-checked for the three songs he co-wrote and co-produced for the newCyndi Lauper album, “Bring Ya Back To The Brink.” “Same Old Fucking Story,” “Raging Storm,” and “SetYour Heart,” have all been singled out by critics: Blender Magazine said, “…the former WWF songstress rediscovers her fighting spirit via…producer Richard Morel, whose three-song contribution nurtures the pathos in her flexible pipes by bringing unlikely themes to dance-floor drama…” and said, “…Richard Morel delivers three of the album’s strongest tracks, all contenders for summer ‘08 dance-floor anthems.” (He also co-wrote/produced “Got Candy,” which only appears on the UK version of the album.)

Under the alias Pink Noise, Richard Morel has been producing his signature deep/alternative/progressive remixes since the early Nineties. Citing a slyly executed–yet enthusiastically received–spec mix of The Pet Shop Boys’ “Se A Vida É (That’s The Way Life Is)” as the mix that got the disco ball rolling, Morel has remixed songs for loads of pop stars, including Tina Turner, New Order, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Mariah Carey, The Killers, and The Pretenders. In June 2008, Morel scored his seventh #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart single with his remix of Cyndi Lauper’s “Same Old Fucking Story.” Previous #1 remixes on the chart are Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous,” Seal’s “Killer,” Vivian Green’s “Tired,” t.A.T.u.’s “Not Gonna Get Us,” Depeche Mode’s “Dream On” and The Collaboration’s (Peter Rauhofer + The Pet Shop Boys) “Break 4 Love.”

Many may recognize Richard Morel as one of the two co-hosts/DJs behind the wildly popular Blowoff
parties. (The other co-host/DJ is rocker Bob Mould, in whose band, Morel also tours). Together they have made Blowoff a destination event famous for their meaty signature mix of indie rock, electro, house and eye-popping visuals. Originating in their hometown of Washington, DC 5 years ago, Morel and Mould have toured Blowoff around the US, released a Blowoff CD of original music, successfully established Blowoff in New York City and on September 6, 2008, will launched Blowoff San Francisco.

“Mix the right amount of poignant lyricism with hypnotic, club-friendly grooves and you get an
essential album. Morel accomplishes this sonic alchemy with unrivaled aplomb…”
– Out Magazine feature on Morel/“Lucky Strike,” November 2004.

Richard Morel is also known for his collaborations, as co-writer and vocalist, with popular DC-based
House Music duo Deep Dish (Deep Dish Featuring Morel), which include three songs (“Everybody’s
Wearing My Head,” “No Stopping For Nicotine,” and “Sacramento”) on their most recent CD, “George Is On,” and another three (“Stranded,” “Mohammed is Jesus” and “My Only Sin”) on their previous CD, “Junk Science.”

“The Death Of The Paper Boy” follows two previous Morel albums, both of which were released on the respected DC-based Yoshitoshi label (also home to Deep Dish), were well received by the press and laid the foundation for a devoted Morel fanbase. “Lucky Strike,” (2004) contained the singles “If You Loved Me,” “Waiting On You,” and club favorite, “Under A Disco.” “Queen Of The Highway” (2002) was nominated as the “Best New Artist Album” at the 2003 Dancestar Awards and produced the singles “Cabaret,” the controversial “True (The Faggot Is You)” and “Funny Car,” which went to #4 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart.

Artwork for Morel’s “The Death Of The Paper Boy” album is by longtime friend and renowned (NYC/CA) photographer, Jack Pierson (Brad Pitt, Naomi, Snoop Dogg), an artist whose work is collected by museums worldwide. The album’s executive producer is Outsider Music co-owner (with Richard Morel) and A&R legend (and “Rough Gods” photographer), Michael Alago who famously signed Metallica, WhiteZombie and Nina Simone to Elektra Records.

“The Death Of The Paper Boy”

digital album Out Now, 2xCD released November 4th, 2008
on Outsider Music.

Richard Morel lives in Washington, DC. •

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