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Welcome to the future, sucker. You, sweltering in a Park Slope loft. You, comatose by conversation in a Silverlake bungalow. You, conceived in 3 seconds of ecstasy, then spit out into a suburban nightmare of laptop pornography and wal-mart homogeneity, absurdity around every bend. Is this how the 21st century begins? George Orwell is turning in his grave, “I told you so, suckers!”. Walt Disney is thawing like an ice cap in his cryogenic chamber, “I’m coming back for revenge, bastards”. Confusion is paralyzing. High in the earths disappearing atmosphere, cloaked in absinthe and smog, 3 cherries are floating in the bleakness of space. The Night Shot begins. Pluck out your eyeballs and pop in the cherries – pop pop. Now slice them open like Un Chien Andalou. Now what to do with the last cherry? Pluck out your heart, and replace it with the cherry. Enter Ruby Isle, to pop the cherry where your heart used to be.

Night Shot

Download “Night Shot (featuring Tay Zonday)”

Download “Hey Hey Hey (That Kid’s Okay)”

“Who’s got time for subtlety when there’s dancing to be done? Expect plenty of that– and plenty of everything else, in eye-popping DayGlo colors– on the band’s upcoming tour dates.”
— Pitchfork Media

Exhibit #1: Ruby Dan Geller, Kindercore Records’ CEO and founder of electro tag team, I am the World Trade Center, is one of America’s few breakdancing DJs with a masters degree in Biological Engineering.

Exhibit #2: Ruby Aaron Lemay’s spy themed punk outfit, “International Espionage” has been busted up by the cops at house shows and basement concerts from Redding, CA to Brooklyn, NYC.

Exhibit #3: Ruby Mark Mallman’s 70s and 80s arena rock post-mortemism has earned him a silver star on the side of the biggest nightclub in Minneapolis, a world record, over 20 US tours, and a permanent hangover.

Ruby Isle stole their name from a 79 cent movie theater Mark and Dan used to frequent in their childhood home of Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was here where the two played a game of Chess, once a day for 90 days, and Mallman lost every time. After High school, they moved 1200 miles apart from each other.

Recorded in the basement of a church, then emailed to Geller’s studio in Athens, GA for bass, beats and synths, Night Shot is a classic rock record dipped head first in a digital stew. The title track features guest vocals by internet “Chocolate Rain” pioneer, Tay Zonday. The LP also features a duet version of Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” with IATWTC’s Amy Dykes.

…It’s Saturday night, and you’ve just begun to rise from the dead. The 70s are dead, the 80s are dead, the 90s are dead – in a matter of decades even you and I will be dead. There’s no hippie dream of Dylanesque poet utopia, no flying cars, no free power. Even the great electro-hope, the world wide web, has been reduced to a heap of social networking sites and GTA chat rooms. Welcome to the end of days. So, let’s have a dance party! It’s time to blow your wad, Johnny! The three horsemen of the party-pocalypse are galloping on the horizon! Like “the Nothing” in the Neverending Story, the Idiocracy has come back to knock out our lights. And what happens in the dark cannot be kept secret, once you take a Night Shot.

10.01.08 – Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
10.02.08 – Denver, CO – Hi-Dive
10.03.08 – Fort Collins, CO – Road 34
10.04.08 – Albuquerque, NM – Burt’s Tiki Lounge
10.06.08 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah
10.07.08 – Hollywood, CA – On the Rox at The Roxy
10.08.08 – San Francisco, CA – Annie’s Social Club
10.10.08 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown Jr.
10.12.08 – Fargo, ND – The Aquarium

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It’s like Bruce Springsteen producing the Postal Service.
– Azltron

One listen is all it takes to get hooked on their high-energy take on electropop.
– Metromix New York

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