Starlit Fireball #5

Another of the excellent issues of this magazine by Brittanie McBride. I’ve really noticed that with each passing issue, the zine has became more and more professional and endearing. This is not to say that it was not endearing at the first, but I’ve really noticed Brittanie coming into her stride. The pinnacle of this issue, however, has to be the short story “Torn”, in which a homeless girl meets up with a boy, and apparently, the rest of the story is saved for issue 6, which I have not gotten as of yet. I may actually have to pay for that issue, as Starlit Fireball is one of the only zines that I could conceivably spend money on. Other notable pieces in this issue include “Perfectly Perfect”, which is a stream of consciousness rant of the highest calibre about the depression created by societal construct, and “Broken”, a poem that would fit perfectly with any hardcore band?s repertoire of songs, being chock full of raw emotion. Also, in a nod to her comic fetish, she includes her own little piece, done in a perfectly adorable style that really meshes 70’s comic art with the ever-popular manga style. Get this zine. Brittanie McBride, 1119 N. Sinova Ct., Gilbert, AZ 85234.

Rating : 8.7/10

Starlit Fireball #5

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Author: James McQuiston

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