Tell Me About The First Time You Came to ABC No Rio Part 2

The first installment of this magazine detailed a number of different individuals’ experiences at ABC No Rio, but seemed to focus on the earlier days of the building. This second issue is much more salient to me, because I am about the same age as a number of the people telling these stories. Of course, there are these stories that come from thirty-year olds detailing events that happened in 1990, but each individual talks in such an encompassing style that the reader can feel as if they were doing what is being described as well. These stories do not only come from the super-active individuals that work with ABC No Rio, but also with random people who attended shows there, got drunk outside, and are normal people that were affected in some meaningful way by ABC No Rio. These stories hit much closer to home. I do a lot of stuff in an average day, but chances are that I would have been one of those kids looking from the outside in. When I hear about someone falling down stairs after drinking 40s, I think of myself. This zine is small, compact, and a very quick read. However, the stories are so full of imagery and describe so many different things that individuals will be able to pick this up and finish it time and time again without anything in the way of ill effects. Here’s to hoping that Vikki keeps pumping these out whenever ey has more stories ready to publish; goad eir on to do more of these zines by telling eir your experiences at ABC No Rio.

Rating: 7.6/10

Tell Me About The First Time You Came to ABC No Rio Part 2 / Free? (Donation to ABC No Rio welcome, for sure) / :10 / 20S / / Vikki c/o ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, New York, NY 1002 / Reviewed 14 June 2006

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