THE FUNERAL PYRE prepares for November tour, more releases

Southern California’s THE FUNERAL PYRE have posted an in-depth update at the band’s official blog (, which includes touring plans for November with fellow Californians EARLY GRAVES on the Manifest Blasphemy Tour, as well as two new recordings of material to supplement the recent release of ‘Wounds,’ the band’s latest full-length album, which saw a late May release through Prosthetic Records. For details on the band’s upcoming recording plans, visit THE FUNERAL PYRE’s blog ( Meanwhile, the tentative routing for the upcoming West Coast tour is as follows. Anyone that can assist in booking can contact the band via


(Manifest Blasphemy Tour with The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves)

11/06 San Francisco/Oakland, CA

11/07 Chico, CA

11/08 Medford/Eugene, OR

11/09 Portland, OR

11/10 Seattle, WA

11/11 Boise, ID

11/12 Salt Lake City, UT

11/13 Cheyenne, WY

11/14 Denver, CO

11/15 Colorado Springs, CO

11/16 Albuquerque, NM

11/17 El Paso, TX

11/18 Tucson, AZ

11/19 Phoenix, AZ

11/20 Las Vegas, NV

11/21 Los Angeles, CA

Upon completion of the forthcoming Manifest Blasphemy Tour, THE FUNERAL PYRE will return to California to continue working on the band’s fourth full-length record, which should see a release in 2009. ‘Wounds’ features visuals from artist Justin Bartlett (Gorgoroth, Averse Sefira, Intronaut) and a mix courtesy of Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Through The Eyes of the Dead), and the band most recently wrapped up a tour with fellow SoCal band Antagonist and Sea of Treachery, having already headlined another tour earlier, upon the release of ‘Wounds.’


“Occasionally barren and sparse, it’s mostly an inferno of blackened delight, the likes of the title track sweepingly encompassing Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth minus the vocals and Immortal. An astonishingly likeable album, free of cliché, that’ll worm into your blackened heart.” – Rock Sound magazine

“Two years after The Nature of Betrayal, the Funeral Pyre have, well, buried their blackened death sound in favor of a new, broader, and even fiercer brand of hardcore mayhem. Let’s hope these Wounds never heal.” – Revolver magazine

“TFP magick up a shimmering storm of piano- and keyboard-augmented blackcore that’s at its most succulent when tempos slow down and they roll out the rallentandos. By ‘Plague That Leads to Extinction’ and especially the mournful ‘Stealing the Air of Life,’ they’ve made you forget whatever childish prejudices you might have against bands with keyboards…” – Decibel magazine

“The general rip factor on several songs is what reminds to some extent of Swedish melodic death metal, and even bits and pieces of what is heard from The Black Dahlia Murder.” – Blabbermouth

“THE FUNERAL PYRE have, with ‘Wounds,’ offered the best Swedish-melodic black/death metal album of the year.” –

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