The Tarantella Review (JMcQ)


The Tarantella

James’ View – Very loud emo that features a wall of noise with everyone orgasming. There are 5 members, headed by the man with almost all the indy-cred in Bloomington. I mean, the guy has the whole English schoolboy thing going on. The band has a sound like The White Stripes and Imperial Teen, but with a little bit of tuning to do before they really can sound like those bands. The five pieces that constitute the band are a singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist. The keyboardist is the only truly innovative person in the band, as they are relatively synchronous with such bands as The Red Hot Valentines and the like. The prior jitters of the first half of the concert start to fade away as the show goes on, and The Tarantella starts to rock out. This band would merit a longer review, but there seriously is not much to go on. Their entire set lasted about 23 minutes, and they left like a bat out of hell after that. Hopefully these guys can tour around the area sometime soon, so I can bring all of you a better review of this band, who I believe has some talent.

Rating: 6.4/10A’s View – [The Tarantella] are a sad attempt at too much noise and chaos, but not artfully done in any sense of the term. Instead of anything creative, they have a horrid mix of noise and physicality. I appreciate the verosity of the singer, but it is relatively lame and overdone. However, their songs are cute, and very reminiscent of the Atari system and the Samba 1 on my 80’s Keyboard. While the attempt is a good effort, it only leaves me with a smirk on my face. They are a little Nirvana-esque as well, because they are angry noise producing meaningless rock which neither moves nor shakes me.

Rating: 4.0/10

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