Thermidor #2

When I first picked up Thermidor, I was afraid that it was yet another garbage, over-elitist film zine or gore-fest. Those kids really piss me off. However, Thermidor is a great zine, owing much to a varied style of layout, with just as adventurous of a stylistic flair by Kate. Moving through politics, personal life, and movies with the greatest of ease, there honestly no weak spot to be found during this issue. In a throwback to Moonlight Awakening, there is a piece in Thermidor that vividly paints with words the Eccentrics I Have Known , which is followed up by King Eccentric, Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Movies). Lloyd and Kate discuss the masses supporting shock jocks like Howard Stern while snubbing Troma, even though a lot of the material that they pander is similar (Lloyd s answer: Howard Stern is about money. ). To keep with the tone created by the Lloyd Kaufman interview, Kate follows up with a how-to about how to make zombie gore (which really seems like too much work to really want to do the ripping off an arm tip seems much more cost effective and fun). Keeping with this off-the-wall tone would be a nice random collage and a file that ey stole from an asylum. By far, and for some reason I really can t put my finger on the best piece in Thermidor #2 is Paper Napkin Theater , with its goofy art, goofy theme and goofy nature. Thermidor is a fun, solid read that is rare to find nowadays (at least, since Mecaroni and Fleas ended).

Rating: 8.1/10

Thermidor #2 / :30 / 28L / $1 / / Reviewed 30 July 2004

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Author: James McQuiston

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