Bratz Ponyz 2 (DS)

Bratz Ponyz 2 is the latest in a series of games that have really transformed the DS into a typically boy/male type of platform into one in which all individuals can find a stellar collection of titles to choose from. The title follows many of the same paths that the original title in the line forged, meaning that (for individuals that may have not had the chance to check out the first title), that players are brought to the Ponyz Archipelago, where they go to five different lands in search for all of the proper accessories for their horse. To ensure that you (the horse) have all of the right makeup, stickers, and the like, players will have to be victorious in a number of different mini games.

The games themselves are the typically run of the mill efforts that can be found on any time-waster web site. However, the specific subset of individuals that will likely be those that are playing Bratz Ponyz the most will have serious amounts of fun with these minor deviations from the story line. The repetition (individuals have to do the set of mini games each “day” until that time where they have properly duded up their horse ensures that players will increase their hand-eye coordination significantly. The inclusion of the Gem-cutting, Dancing, and Racing mini-games to the panoply of available games from Bratz Ponyz ones gives this release a brilliant sheen that will ensure that it will be in player’s DS consoles for weeks to come after purchase. Without any noticeable flaws, the game operates as the perfect game for individuals of all ages, even if older individuals may be a mite less interested in Bratz Ponyz 2 than the younger set.

There are a number of shifts and upgrades that American Game Factory have provided players familiar with the series. This means that there is actually a map which individuals can consult, showing each different house and ensuring that there is no confusion to be had. For a limited time, versions of Bratz Ponyz 2 will even have a tiara present, to transform the title from a no brainer into a must have title for any girl. Pick it up now and you will have a great Christmastime present when the holiday rolls around. Hopefully subsequent releases in this line will continue to expand upon the solid release that is Bratz Ponyz 2, all while using enhancements in programming and graphics as they become available.

Rating: 8.0/10

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