Dancer vs. Politician – A City Half-Lost

I’ve come to terms with the fact that 19 member bands aren’t all into wearing drug-rugs dropping acid and talking about how great The Dead were. It’s been a hard realization but bands like Dancer vs. Politician make it possible and enjoyable to listen to at the same time. That being said their 2008 release A City Half-Lost, publicized by Team Clermont is a little off the wall, I take that back.

First, I don’t speak German! Reading the inside cover I see Athens, Georgia and I picture college town indie-rockers ya know a jolly rock and roll for your soul kind of record. But what I get is what would have happened if Nico would have went to Germany found a family of masterful musicians (I think they breed them in Germany) and started a band. But I have always said this and I will stick by it, music is a universal language and for all it’s faults this album isn’t half bad if you want to scare the children or are into weird things from Germany (I personally have a huge VW fetish).

So for ten tracks I’m bombarded with all kinds of things trying to ignore the language (I could understand track 4, Justin Fairborn) and just hear the vocals didn’t work. Blocking them out did and what are we left with? Bloody fucking brilliance, that’s what! This 19 piece is so in sync and on it with the precision I expect from Germany offering an interesting sound. So interesting in fact I’d say its and do I dare cross this line? I do, it’s original, weird, kind of disturbring but original and likable I guess. So if you’re interested in; German things, weird spaced out things and all things big and beautiful check this out and enjoy.

Key Tracks: Justin Fairborn, Neuer Morgen, Neuer Tag, Homeless Mind

I give it a 6.9/10 (It’s kind of growing on me).

Dancer vs. Politician – A City Half-Lost (2008)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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