David Archuleta – “Crush”

While the music you would expect me to obsess over wouldn’t usually include a pop ballad, I will state this with pride. I have been following David Archuleta from the moment he sang his first note on American Idol: Season 7. His humble nature, and amazing story about how he goes from the possibility of never singing again to his incredible talent absolutely won me over. His first single with Jive Records does him perfect justice, and he shows the world that at the young age of 17, he is not in over his head. He is a natural.

The lyrics are not too loaded; they suit him perfectly to keep his young fun spirit evident in his first album. I don’t find the track too poppy either, as Archuleta stays true to his roots including piano and acoustic guitar and laces his vocal performance with conviction and emotion. Archuleta himself impresses me each time I hear him. His range and control is top-notch, including gorgeous falsetto that is hit flawlessly in the chorus. After hearing this single, I am even more excited now to hear the album, which I didn’t think was possible!

Jam Shawna

Rating: 9.2/10

David Archuleta – “Crush”/ 2008 Jive/19 Recordings / www.zombalabelgroup.com/

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Author: James McQuiston

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3 thoughts on “David Archuleta – “Crush””

  1. Spot on Jam! I have been entranced by this young man since watching him during auditions on Idol. It was apparent he stood out head and shoulders above the rest vocally. Couple that with that youthful face, shy, humble nature and it just floored me. He is really uber talented, is a seriously gifted artist and musician. Crush has proven that he was more than just a ballad singer – this young man can sing and sell anything.

    And like you, millions of fans are on pins and needles, just waiting to hear a full album of nothing but David Archuleta! The album debuts on 11/11, and I can hardly wait!

  2. Can’t think of anything else to say – you’ve said it all ! Your sentiments echo loudly and proudly they way I, and millions of fans, feel about him and his success… This quote, from an article published about David this past summer in a Spanish language magazine, pretty much sums it up:

    “This show was not easy for him, he just made it look easy,” says Michael Orland, pianist and musical director for American Idol, about Archuleta, who will graduate from high school next year. “He came as a genius and left as a genius. All the participants aspired to reach his level.”

    Will be buying his album in November – this young man is on his way….

  3. Frigg and I r da bomb compared to David Archuleta- I will “Crush” him between my manly thighs- he’s a lightweight
    check out our album instead “Frigg and Lakhannaporn Sing and Swing!” its out now homies!!

    Word to your mother
    Frigg and Lakhannaporn

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