Defendin’ De Penguin (Wii)

Defendin’ De Penguin has been tagged as the first RTS (real time strategy) game specifically made for children. When Crave Entertainment put out that claim, I was a little skeptical. However, after a few hours playing Defendin’ De Penguin on the Nintendo Wii, I would have to say that the claim is incredibly accurate. Players assume the role of Little Blue, who has been tapped to go forth and protect Penguin Town from the dangerous and deadly creatures that spell doom for the city (and for the civilization).

To keep out these baddies, players have to construct defenses, ensure that there is enough food to go around, and buy up the city’s arsenal with a number of innovative weapons (snow balls, icicles, and frost are but a few options). If individuals want to get in to the more “serious” types of RTS games (Command & Conquer or Warhammer 40K), Defendin’ De Penguin is the perfect introductory title. The graphics are even stronger than a number of the other RTS titles currently on the market as well; objects are well-defined and blend well realism with cartoonish design. Couple the ease of the graphics on the eyes with a significantly longer set of campaigns than expected, and what individuals have in Defendin’ De Penguin is a title that will stay in the Wii much longer than any fitness or party type of game.

Where there is some sense that Defendin’ De Penguin is a game that is made for the under-twelve set, there is enough variety and fun to be had in the game play to ensure that players of all ages can enjoy the game. While older individuals may breeze through the first few levels, the rapidly increasing skill and tactics employed by the different enemies will ensure that players have to go and put some thought into resource management and placement, lest they lose the town (and the level). Kudos has to go to Crave Entertainment for creating such a solid game; hopefully there will be sequels that continue the same strong effort that marks all points in Defendin’ De Penguin. The game is a perfect Christmas gift – at a price point of $29.99, parents that have children that own a Wii or a DS can buy Defendin’ De Penguin and still have ample funds for a number of other gifts.

Rating: 8.2/10

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