Every Time I Die – October 6th, 2005 @ Peabody’s, Cleveland OH

Every Time I Die Review

It’s 11:03 P.M. and I’m standing outside of “The Legendary Peabody’s Down Under” in Cleveland with a fat lip and a high pitched ringing sound in my ears. Does it sound like I had a good time to you? Well I didn’t. I had an awesome time!

I had just witnessed one of the best hardcore shows I’ve seen come to Cleveland in a long time! The ringleaders of the mayhem were “Every Time I Die” who has just released a new C.D. on Ferret Records that I’ve had the pleasure great pleasure of listening to before I got to the show.

The crowd was alive with energy as the lights went down. Lead singer Keith Buckley grabbed his microphone and let out a scream that insinuated a mosh pit as wide as the entire venue! From that point on it was non-stop hardcore music at its best!

Very quickly I learned that “Every Time I Die” has some very dedicated fans in their large fan base. My friend Jeremy and I met some very interesting people there. One kid actually had the band’s name and logo tattooed across his whole chest! There was a group of about six or seven guys that had driven up about four hours from Cincinnati just to see the band’s one hour set. Unfortunately, Jeremy and I only got to catch about twenty minutes of that set before something interesting happened.

Throughout the first two songs my partner in crime and myself could not stand to just hold still and watch the show. We felt compelled to jump into the mosh pit and do a little hardcore dancing with the rest of the boys showing their manhood in the tornado of flailing arms and legs. Well apparently there are some rules to hardcore dancing we were not aware of going into this particular pit. Shortly after invading the pit with some roundhouse kicks and swinging fists I heard someone yell, “FIGHT!” To which I immediately turned around and saw Jeremy literally being attacked by the crazies from Cincinnati! Luckily for those guys sake the security guards were able to stop anything from getting nasty by removing Jeremy from the venue, which we were not happy about at all since he didn’t even start anything. Somewhere during that whole hassle I caught an elbow or six to the mouth and that’s how I got my fat lip.

Aside from the fight, the night couldn’t have been any better. Seeing “Every Time I Die” live is like going to a strip club. You want them to finish you off, but you always are left begging for more.

When they come to your town, and they will these guys tour extensively, you must go see them. There will be no disappointment. Tickets for this show were going for around seventeen dollars and the house was packed!

If you happen to be in Europe next month you’ll be able to catch “Every Time I Die” opening up for “My Chemical Romance”. They will be over there for about a month or so and then it’s back home to buffalo to recharge the touring batteries and then start another trek across the good ‘ole U.S.A. This band has been pretty much everywhere in their career of seven years. Japan, England, Australia, just to name a few of the far corners of the world they’ve left in a bloody mess after they left.

Everything about this band’s performance was dynamic! The stage presence was something out of an insane asylum that ran out of medication. You didn’t know what to expect! You’d be staring at the guitarists while Keith was singing a melody line and then all of a sudden Keith was literally lying on top of your head! He will stage dive at any given moment. Again I will tell you “Every Time I Die” is the hottest ticket in town! Sooner than later you will be seeing these guys getting more and more attention on the hardcore scene.

== If you like- Underoath, Converge, The Bled, My Chemical Romance, you will love Every Time I Die.

—- Mike Notte

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