Irish Hip Hop Volume 1 (CD)

Ireland has not been known for their hip hop and rap acts in the past. This compilation looks to change that feeling, and establish each act as a viable force in world R&B circles. It may be hard to believe that each of the twenty acts on “Irish Hip Hop Volume 1” are good, but whether it is GMC’s “Home”, Shaymin’s “Lassie”, Ophelia’s “Revolutionary” or any of the cuts in between, one will be shocked at exactly how many talented and hard-hitting acts are flying under the radar. The song that listeners will first be hit by is Rira’s “25 O’ Clock in the Mornin’”, a track that blends the traditional Irish type of sound with some of the most nuanced and intricate rap ever heard.

The Intox featuring Diligenz track, “The Rawest” is a rare rap track in the sense that both the lyrical flow and instrumentation are equal in terms of quality. Where countless rap tracks have either strong flows and weak instrumentation, or vice verse, “The Rawest” links together thoughtful and pointed lines with some memorable instrumental arrangement, really creating a pinnacle track in a range of similarly-solid songs. Later cuts, such as The Informatics’ “Wake Up”, continue to show the diversity and talent present in the current Irish R&B and rap scene. While maintaining a coherent narrative, each of the members of The Informatics are able to achieve a speed in their flow that rivals that of a Twista or Bone Thugs and Harmony.

The intensity of the flow and more natural feel of the backing instrumentation during “Wake Up” makes for a track that is unique, and is enough of a curiosity to ensure that listeners stick with the compilation. Couple that with a catchy hook, and yet another track confronts listeners that surpasses most other rap and R&B efforts. Hopefully, there will be enough in the way of support given “Irish Hip Hop Volume 1” that all associated with this first compilation will be able to make a second. The quality of rap and hip hop acts on this compilation ensures there will be enough of a talent pool to draw from on subsequent volumes of this compilation. If you like rap in the slightest, or even the Putumayo line of country/region specific artists, then “Irish Hip Hop Volume 1” is the album that you need to pick up.

Top Tracks: Ophelia – Revolutionary, Nucentz – It’s Not Easy

Rating: 8.6/10

Irish Hip Hop Volume 1 / 2008 80 Million / 20 Tracks / /

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