Jack Conte – Sleep in Color (CD)

Jack Conte has had a productive year. Fresh off the heels of his amazing “VideoSongs Volume 1”, Conte has found the time to craft five new tracks, creating his “Sleep In Color”. “Hollywood Endings” opens up “Sleep In Color”, establishing Conte as a musician that knows how to create a unique backdrop for his vocals. The eclectic nature of “Hollywood Endings” ensures that the emotive vocals that are present interact with a number of genres and sounds, meaning that Irish and gypsy styles of composition tie themselves in with bits of sixties rock and even jazz, creating in “Hollywood Endings” a truly unique song.

With a tremendous song to follow up, Conte puts forth “Like A Match”, which may just be the best track on “Sleep In Color” This is due to the fact that “Like A Match” builds off the world of Radiohead and eighties-vintage U2, making an epic rock track that is only made more impressive by the vocal qualities of Conte during the track. It is a chore for many acts to merely match the vocals well with the music that is being played, but Conte goes miles beyond that during “Like A Match”, with vocals that come down from on high, modifying and changing the instrumentation just as they further the track to its too-soon end. “Now That’s Sacred” starts off with a more contemplative bit of guitar work before opening up, allowing Conte’s vocals to become the focal point of the track.

The two pieces unite into brilliant flashes of indie rock, giving listeners what they need and prepping them for the disc’s final track, “Carousel Waltz”. “Carousel Waltz” tinges Conte’s vocals with a bit of sixties influence, but the otherworldly, circus-like atmosphere of the instrumentation during the track creates a much different context for listeners to appreciate Conte’s vocals. The style of “Carousel Waltz” is so unique that listeners will likely have to give it repeat listeners just to get the gist of what Conte is trying to do with this track. The bold step that Conte takes during “Carousel Waltz” ensures that listeners will be unsure of where Conte will go in subsequent recordings, while the talent and presence that he brings to each cut on “Sleep In Color” ensures that those listeners will purchase whatever Conte comes up with next. Pick up “Sleep In Color” and see what I am talking about.

Top Track: Carousel Waltz

Rating: 8.0/10

Jack Conte – Sleep in Color / 2008 ShadowTree / 5 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/JackConte /

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