Julie Clark – Change Your Mind

We may already have received one of the best albums to be released in 2009. This album, Julie Clark’s 1/13/2009 release Change Your Mind, really places the bar for any GLBT musician that much further than it had been in 2008. This is due to the fact that Clark’s music simultaneously struggles for the GLBT cause without being circumscribed by what listeners tend to assume about GLBT-oriented artists. When January 13th comes around, make it a point to pick up “Change Your Mind”. The amount of touching personal narrative is just one of the reasons that this album is essential: one need only listen to “If It Weren’t For That” to understand how much Clark is bringing to the table.

“If It Weren’t For That” showcases Clark’s problems with weight, but does not orient itself as a “pity me” type of track. Rather, it shows how the indomitable human spirit is present in all of us: whatever problems that an individual may be struggling with at this point, dedication and support by loved ones is essential to get oneself over any hurdles that may be present. The songs on “Change Your Mind” showcase the myriad of identities with which Clark identifies herself, especially when one comes across “Courage of Our Convictions”. “Courage of Our Convictions” is the anthem for the GLBT movement in a way similar to the early works of James Brown representing all the flame and fury of the civil rights movement.

The hooky nature of the track is enough to ensure that listeners remember the song, and the song itself shows that the GLBT movement, 40 years in the making, is still as vital and as vibrant as it ever has been. As the album’s title may indicate, a few listens will shake up the assumptions that you had regarding GLBT artists, female artists in general, and pulling far enough out, what exactly music should do for listeners once they pop in a CD or fire up their iTunes. Where Clark has gotten accolades from places such as the Kerrville New Folk Competition and the Virginia Music Awards in the past, I have little doubt in my mind that “Change Your Mind” will bring a new level of fame and popularity to Clark, until that point when any woman’s or GLBT group would simply kill to have her on stage or discussing about any of the many issues that were brought forth during “Change Your Mind”.

Top Track: If It Weren’t For That

Rating: 9.3/10

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