Lords & Barons – Lords & Barons (CD)

I’m up past my bedtime a little bored and not that tired so I’m flipping through my stack of discs slated for the slaughter and I come across Lords and Barons. First thought? Awesome name, cool cover art and decent run of the mill song titles. So alright you’ve caught my eye slightly Lords & Barons what are you going to offer me musically? Well, Avast Ye, the first track on this S/T, is boring, really boring and if I had less conviction I’d of just tossed this and went to bed but it’s your lucky day because I sat through it and got to track two titled Come Around.

It was an improvement of one-thousand-million percent with a commanding beat its actually quite enjoyable something I wouldn’t say about a band like Lords & Barons. Oh did I mention that this album is total Hoobstanked out vocally with a talented band behind it, yeah not my cup of tea either but if you’re into it I do have good things to say, I promise!

So after four songs one really standing out we come to Countdown which does this cool “oh yeahhh” which I thought was neat (yeah I said it what of it?) But other than that if you listen to hard rock FM stations on the morning commute than Lords & Barons is definitely worth checking out the next time your trolling Myspace and who knows even if you don’t dig it you can always give it to your Dad he’ll enjoy it I know mine will and maybe put some money into my account, broke asses unite!

I give it 4/10

Lords & Barons – Lords & Barons (S/T) 2008

Kristopher D. Shepard (Kshepar2@kent.edu)

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