Phoenix Based Band Broken Poets Signs Licensing and Distribution Deal with Magnatune Records

Phoenix based band Broken Poets ( signs licensing and distribution deal with Magnatune Records. Magnatune Records was founded by John Buckman in April, 2005. Time Magazine named Magnatune one of the TOP 20 Music Sites To Watch in 2006.

When asked why Magnatune had chosen Broken Poets over hundreds of other submissions, Buckman had this to say: As soon as I started playing the first song I received from the Broken Poets, the guitar riff grabbed me, and I decided I should give this band a full listen. Then, as I made dinner with the entire album playing, I kept being drawn away from my cutting the veggies, and pausing to listen to the intelligent, interesting and melodic lyrics, that to me displays the skills of a major talent. That’s why I decided to describe them at Magnatune as ”indie rock when lyrics were king.”

Soulful poetry turned into song, rock & roll and introspection all in one.
True to its provocative name, the Phoenix based band Broken Poets has been breaking exciting ground on the indie modern rock scene over the past six years. “In many ways, however, the band’s founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist Tim McDonald is a throwback to an era when lyrics were king and fans craved songs that pierced the soul and could change the world.”

One critic said it best about the tunes McDonald brings to life with his Broken Poets partner, classically trained Russian pianist, keyboardist and vocalist Lana Antropova and a revolving series of top sidemen: “Soulful poetry turned into song, rock & roll and introspection all in one.”

Perfectly reflecting this vision, their third full length CD Everything In Nature is centered around and dedicated to promoting a more global consciousness about our relationship to nature and ourselves. Putting their money where their mouth is, McDonald and Antropova are donating 50% of the profits from the recording to three major organizations: NDRC (Natural Resource Defense Council), Greenpeace and the human rights organization OXFAM. For this release, Broken Poets incorporated the style and expertise of session drummer Russ Phaneuf to complete their new sound.

Everything in Nature finds McDonald digging deep into his personal philosophy and contemplating life’s deeper meanings. The album title comes from a key line in the opening track ”Love For What’s Real,” where McDonald sings, ”Everything in nature has its own will.” That track, like many of his songs, are written in six-eight time, which he calls ”uncool yet cool” compared to most rock tunes that are composed in four-four. ”To Dream Of Another Life” is another six-eighter that was inspired lyrically by listening to classic Bob Dylan. Dylan finds his way into the title of another provocative piece, the anti-misogyny track ”Las Resurrection of the 1st Bob Dylan,” which playfully addresses the legend’s many creative incarnations. On the surface, ”Biography Of A Critic” is a response by McDonald to the reality of the occasionally negative reviews of an artist’s music, but on a deeper level, addresses the truth of the harsher critic that lives within us.

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