Red Bull BC One (DS)

Throughout all of gaming, there have been a number of company-sponsored releases. Individuals may remember M.C. Kids, Yo Noid!, or Cool Spot; Red Bull BC One both comes forth as similar and extremely different from these types of games. This DS title is similar in the sense that there is promotional branding for Red Bull strewn throughout all stages and screens of the game, but it differs in that the game play and overall fun of the title is much greater than the aforementioned titles. For individuals that are not familiar with the BC One, it is a real event in which breakdancers go up against the best in their field, attempting to bring home local, regional, and international awards. To make the virtual character achieve the same success that the winners of the BC One have achieved in the past, there are a number of mini-games and other events to challenge a player’s hand-eye coordination.

There are elements of The Sims, Dance Dance Revolution and the like all here, ensuring that players that are familiar with those broad genres of games will be able to easily pick up Red Bull BC One and appreciate the game play present. One of the mini-games, drawing different geometrical shapes, is genius in its implementation. Where the shapes are very simple at the beginning levels, they will stretch and strain even the most talented players’ abilities at the higher levels. The 35 different musical cuts that are present during Red Bull BC One are properly differentiated from each other; the music designer in this game has done well to capture the spirit of all of the different styles of music that b-boys usually use when they are competing.

The lack of licensed tracks is no issue, as the high-intensity compositions that are present shine on their own merit, rather than the game being poor and selling only because it had a soundtrack full of famous bands. The solid implementation of Red Bull BC One makes it imperative that video games for the other Red Bull events (flugtag, for example) be created post-haste. Other game developers and publishers should look into Red Bull BC One, as it is one of the few games that I honestly feel have taken full advantage of the DS’s unique two-screen design and made it seem unique while still ultimately functional .

Rating: 7.9/10

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One thought on “Red Bull BC One (DS)”

  1. Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics and lame tunes. This game is HIGHLY addictive. Imagine a virtual dot-dot on a DS. It works very well as you can imagine (like pen to paper). I have had hours of entertainment out of this game, especially on transport to and from work. As the rounds are very short it’s perfect for filling in my travel time.

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