Rise Against – “Re-Education (Through Labor)”

Rise Against opens their new single, “Re-Education (Through Labor)” with a hard-hitting intro we have come to expect from the group. It features some exceptionally clean pauses that add depth. The first chorus breaks in with gritty, raw vocals that are not over-powered by the powerful guitars that squeal on in the backdrop. The time change in the chorus adds a dimension to the song that will appear to a wider audience. It will leave toes tapping, with a good chance you will be humming it under your breath for a while after the track ends.

The second verse breezes by, and enters the bridge with a build up that is a little cliché, while the shout along is used tastefully. The lyrics contain some interesting metaphors, heavy on mental pictures and personification. The track drops off abruptly shortly past that. Overall, the song will deliver more of what the fans love, but doesn’t stand out as their star track.

Jam Shawna

Rating: 7.3/10

Rise Against – “Re-Education (Through Labor)” (from “Appeal to Reason”) / 2008 DGC/Interscope / www.interscope.com /

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