Two Sheds – EP

Two Sheds five track EP is one of those discs you pop in on a great fall day and just zone out focusing on the music and nothing else. With five great tracks, Two Sheds really shows a lot of talent and love keeping interest throughout. You, the first track on the EP, a well played and sang song really showcasing a band that has a lot of talent and ability. I hear a lot of Jets to Brazil in the first track but Perfect (band mix), the second track belongs to Two Sheds.

As the EP indicates this is the bands mix of the track and it’s done quite well. Undertow (demo) really gives a raw look at Two Sheds talent as a band and anyone with a brain can tell that the talent flourishes in this four piece. And than comes the fourth track, WTF? That’s all I can really say about it is ‘what the fuck’ where did this come from?

WTF? is the gem of this EP who would have known saying what the fuck would have been so catchy? The finale, To Be Alive gives us a bare bones goodbye, an incredibly poetic song hanging on by the thread of the vocals which are so commanding and beautiful. This five song EP is one you won’t want to miss during the Fall months it’s just the right tempo and sound for the weather outside.

I give it a 8.5/10.

Two Sheds – 2008 EP

-Kristopher D. Shepard (

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