VINDENSANG Complete Work On “Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts”

Black ambient forestdwellers VINDENSANG have finally completed their highly-anticipated debut full-length, collecting seventy minutes’ worth of atmospheric, introspective forest hymns and paeans to the beauty of nature and intensities of human emotions. Juxtaposing the dark ambiance of black metal with the gentle strains of neo-folk and muted tones of cold, dark rock, VINDENSANG have created something quite special and even more impossible to describe. Is it black metal? Ambient? Folk? Rock? Something in between? “Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts…” is much more than the sum of its parts, and manages to transcend them all.

The album’s concept, as described by mainman J. Neblock is “a musical odyssey into the mind and body of the labyrinth traveler at the threshold of his or her own death; approaching the terminus- the point in both time and space at which one’s energies are purged from the confines of the cage-like human body and released again back into the cosmos.”

Three years in the making, “Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts…” was conceived, written, and recorded by J. Neblock at Woodland Studios, between September of 2005 and August of 2008, and was mixed by Neblock himself. The album was mastered by Glenn Barratt at MorningStar Studios, during September 2008, with additional help from Dave Gerhart.


I: “Prologue: The Advent of Autumn / From Infinity” (4:57)

II: “A Place Where Sand Meets Fog” (11:26)

III: “Return My Flesh and Bones to the Earth” (8:34)

IV: “Ashes and Memories” (5:05)

V: “Dusk: Into the Glow of Nightfall” (11:59)

VI: “Fading Light” (8:20)

VII: “The Origin: The Point of Return” (10:47)

VIII: “Epilogue: At Winter’s End / To Infinity” (8:48)

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