What God Has Revealed to Man

This zine was made by Christoph from 28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine, and if you can believe it, is even better than TEPLBwT! Pretty much a comic based off of Christoph’s wacky mind, this mini-zine was made after Christoph got a blank pamphlet proclaiming “The genuine Word of God as revealed by the world’s Holy Men and the World’s Holy Books.” A very touching story, in which an individual learns the truths of God during a discussion in which the individual actually talks to God. We learn in this zine that God is in fact somewhat of a trickster, even going so far into scaring our Everyman character into wetting his pants. But, this story that borders on Golden Showers-like fantasy really has more to give the average person than a cheap thrill; as each urine-yellow page flips to reveal a new piece of the puzzle, Christoph leads the story from the earliest trickles of plot to the full gushing close. Pick up this zine and make sure that you are near the restroom!

Rating : 8.9/10

What God Has Revealed to Man / .75c /Forth-Sized / 12 Pages / Christoph Meyer, PO Box 106, Danville, OH 43014 /

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Author: James McQuiston

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