Will you swim with me? #1 .

This is my buddy George’s zine. I could theoretically give his zine a good rating because he is my friend, but what is the use in that? I’ve had this zine for months, actually since the time I received all of the Breaking World Records CDs for review. Will you swim with me? is a collection of different random aphoristic sayings and the equivalent people who said them, according to the pencil of George. The art in this magazine is really primitive. I mean, it is what I could technically draw. This makes it a The Assassin and the Whiner for the low-fi crowd, just like many of Breakign World Records releases are a low-fi version of other things. This does not mean that they are derivative in any sense, and anything that this man touches just becomes instantly memorable. This might not be the most accurate review of his work, as the zine had had a later issue, in #2. Also, George has #3 practically complete, so a lot of stuff may have happened to the zine and maybe even the style that he puts it into. Feel free to e-mail him before entering into buying any of his zines, as I am sure that he will be more than happy to talk to you about it. His e-mail is georgewmyers@yahoo.com.
Rating : 7.2/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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