Wonka Vision #24

This go around has Wonka Vision with a much larger selection of full-color pages, as well as a higher number of advertisements to go along with them. This time, the issue has a cover article about Florida’s Against Me, which doesn’t go as far into the band as it could possibly be, reading more like a promo sheet than anything. High-water marks in this issue include the interview conducted with the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, which really focuses on two matters: eir’s rap career and current beef with Hulk Hogan. A focus on the Street Dogs is always appreciated, due to the high quality of their first album, Savin Hill, even if the interviewer focuses much too heavily on the connection of Mike to the Dropkick Murphies. Finally, the interview with the mother of Chuck Schuldiner, the now-deceased leader of Death, shows extreme amounts of emotion that are usually passed over for the sarcasm in Wonka Vision. Overall, the interview is above-average in the subject matter that they cover, but a number of pieces are in the magazine that don’t feel adequately polished. Overall, Justin has made a solid effort with this issue, even with these minor issue considered in. The layout in the issue is beyond fabulous, and shows a dedication to a second stream of thought: that interesting magazines should be laid out in an interesting way. Still worth the $2.95 cover price, if not only for the incredibly in-depth reviews that are in the zine, but for the lush layouts on each and every page.

Rating: 6.2/10

Wonka Vision #24 / $2.95 / Full Sized / 84 Pages / http://www.wonkavisionmagazine.com / justin@wonkavisionmagazine.com / Reviewed 23 May 2004

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