Zealousy – Complications (CD)

“Girl on The Edge” is likely how listeners will get their first glimpse of Zealousy, and the band’s effort in this track will ensure that anyone lucky enough to listen in will be there for the long haul. This is due to the fact that Zealousy creates a scintillating compilation that has the vocals pull double duty – putting forth the lyrics as well as creating another set of harmony for the rest of the band to build off of. Zealousy comes into “So I Am” will tremendous momentum, and instead of spinning their wheels like so many other bands, “So I Am” in many ways marks another high water mark for the band. “So I Am” links together the strong female rock of acts like L7 and The Breeders with eighties rock and new wave, turning “Complications” into an album that may just herald a new genre of rock.

“Wanting” continues all the fury and fire of these previous two tracks, while allowing the guitars to shine, both in regards to intricate arrangements and the ability to tell a story. Where previous tracks had been fueled by the narrative of the vocals, subsequent songs on “Complications” use a mixture of vocals and guitars to create a narrative that maneuvers itself to a Pink Floyd type of plane. “Drop” may just be “Complications”’s biggest hit, but this is not done at the expense of the unique style cultivated during the disc’s first tracks. Rather, what Zealousy does during “Drop” is expand their sound, allowing the final four tracks of “Complications” the ability to draw from an increased selection of styles and genres.

Listeners will hear this soon after “Drop” is finished, as “She Fires The Gun” uses the catchy vocal stylings of a “Drop” as a counterweight for the more spontaneous instrumentation that is present at the onset of the track. Despite clocking in at over seven minutes, “Wrong Man” is a must-listen track for anyone, regardless of whether they are fans of Zealousy. The beauty inherent in this track may be reminiscent of an Evanescence, but Zealousy refuses to be pigeonholed during this epic track. Bits and pieces of eighties rock, nineties alternative, and even the torch songs of the early decades of the twentieth century all unite to create Zealousy’s defining track. If you like your rock intelligent while still hard, make it a point to pick up “Complications”.

Top Tracks: Everything, Wrong Man

Rating: 8.3/10

Zealousy – Complications / 2008 Self / 10 Tracks / http://zealousy.net /

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