Zygote #2 “Body Parts”

This zine is the second of the one’s I’m familiar with Ziggy doing. Ey has did a ton of zines in her short time on this earth, but I’ve only recently been turned to the gospel of Ziggy. This zine is pretty much an addendum to ey’s Zygote #1 “Unravelled”, and it continues to detail ey’s further immersion into Buddhism, but has a much more personal flow than the prior issue. This issue of Zygote sees many more fonts and little bells and whistles that I am not sure about – sure, it makes the zine look nicer, but I don’t know if it detracts from what is written at all or not. This issue of Zygote has many different pictures of Ziggy’s favourite band, MSI, which are all printer-lined and hard to see. This problem just happens way too often with many of the smaller zines : one note with this, go to the library and print out the pictures on the library printers. I’m sure they will look a lot better than on your ghetto printer. This is not meant to be mean to Ziggy, as eir’s zine always provides me with a lot of good reading, especially what eir thinks about what punk should be. I just always find issues with bad printing.

Rating : 7.9/10

Zygote #2 “Body Parts”/ $1 / 24 Pages / Half-Sized / Trade / chemical_imbalance_@hotmail.com http://www.livejournal.com/~zcyanide

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