Track List:
1. Marlow & Comixxx – Half Me
2. Koljah – Matter of Time
3. James Blonde & Oliver Deutschmann – Milanese
4. Zico & Comixxx – Share This Little Moment (Dub Mix)
5. Mojoe – Schoolyard
6. Hakimonu – Exhalation
7. Marcio S – Umpata
8. Oliver Deutschmann – Hells Bells
9. Piet van Dongen – Abel (Emin Corrado Rmx)

Konsequenz heads Zico & James Blonde talking about the compilation, music, and life…

James “I know you worked at the time with many house old school producers. Which
one impressed you the most?”

Marcus “Yes that’s true! But there isn’t really only one. For example I like the really deep & warm sound of Moodyman, but also the really organic sound of Theo Parrish. In the end I love all real good house producers”

Marcus “Which music style shaped your on a long-term basis the most?”

James “When I grow up my heroes where The Beatles, Jim Morrison, and David Bowie. From the The Beatles I picked up the way to construct a tune, Morisson is the holy power of music, and Bowie the style. So all these 3 elements I think follow me always in everything I do musically”

James “Where do you see Konsequenz in a few years?”

Marcus “Our target is to be a label with good music and cool concepts to makes your life happy. To see this happen will make me a happy man as well”

Marcus “You did a lot good things for your artists. Whats is your drive to work in this business?”

James “I’ve been involved in music ever since I can remember myself as an artist and as a party promoter. When I started to work with these artists, I felt that this fits me perfect as I have seen the business from many aspects of it, and this allowed me to understand and explain to the artists better how to take things the right way and how to advance, which is my greatest satisfaction at the moment.

Marcus “With whom you would produce gladly your next record if you could”

James “I would like to make another record with Chaim when the time comes. Someone who I also like at the moment is Stimming”

James “What’s your favorite track on the compilation?”

Marcus “hmmmm….my favorites… Marlow & ComixXx, Marcio S. and Mojoe. I can also say easily I stand behind all the music here”

James “Who is your favorite producer at the moment?”

Marcus “Rick Rubin ,but in club music it keeps changing all the time”

Marcus “Why Berlin for you?”

James “As much as it’s hard to believe I came to Berlin to party less and concentrate more on my work. Tel Aviv was for 5 years a very strong part of my life. I lived and breath it big time but it consumed me a bit, and I felt in Berlin I can find a better balance and fortunately this city gave me a lot as well”

Marcus “How important do you think a good production is important for club music?”

James “I know where you are going with this… Yes I think in many ways there are many productions now that pass well in clubs, but a few years ago it would have never been released. Still I think the general level has gone up, so of course I would want the best productions, but I also see some that are less well produced but still rock the clubs and I can live with it most of the time”

James “What does the ‘World is Ours’ means to you?”

Marcus “Hold on, think about it. Whats happens at the moment in this world! It’s our world and we can fix it better. Maybe with music. Maybe only for one person. But if everybody makes only one person happy, it’s enough to change the world”

The compilation is available as separate downloads, and as a mix by Zico & James Blonde

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