Lady Gaga – The Fame (CD)

While individuals may know of Lady Gaga through eir writing credits (which include The Pussycat Dolls’ “Elevator” and Camden Hart’s “Lusty”), ”The Fame” is poised to set up Lady Gaga as a contender for the pop queen crowd worn variously by the aforementioned PCD and Britney Spears. The fact that Lady Gaga has writing credits on all 13 tracks on “The Fame” makes the disc exist on so much higher of a level than the typical pop release.

The mélange of different interests and influences that are broached during tracks like “Money Honey”, “Beautiful, Dirty Rich”, and “I Like It Rough” allows fans of dance, traditional pop, and even ancillary styles like electronic and new wave to find something that they can easily get behind during the entirety of “The Fame”. “Starstruck” will likely be the next breakout track; where there are (brief) moments on “The Fame” that seem to lack a final polish, the inclusion of Flo-Rida’s vocals and Space Cowboy’s arrangements showcase what could be a blueprint for future pop tracks to follow.

The producers on each of the disc’s tracks, whether it be RedOne, Rob Fusari, or Victor Korh, interlace and intertwine the resulting tracks into a release that enjoys cohesion at a level that even surpasses many acts’ releases of theme albums. Lady Gaga may be a new force in the pop world, but subsequent releases by Gaga will undoubtedly reach the highest reaches of the chart, whether it be the Billboard Top Electronic Albums charts (where ey enjoys a #1 position this week) or the average radio station’s rotation rolls. Buy “The Fame”, pick out whichever iteration of “Let’s Dance” that really gets your motor running, and keep tabs on Lady Gaga in the next few years.

Top Tracks: Just Dance, Poker Face

Rating: 8.2/10

Lady Gaga – The Fame / 2008 Interscope / 13 Tracks / / /

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