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Streets booming with new album from Jay Billin The Wolf Man

Los Angeles, CA – Mixing slick moves and aggressive hip-hop energy, Jay Billin The Wolf Man is sending the rumble out into the streets while A&R Select – the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA – sends out the word about that rumble.

“The Wolf Man” is the blazing new single carving out a chunk of hip-hop fandom and making a loyal army of Jay Billin listeners. The title is appropriate. Not only does it boast the name of its creator, it encompasses his personality by expressing who he is with huge beats and electronic melodies packing much muscle. Of course, at the core is Billin’s himself. His word delivery is like no other’s; his rhymes are on the edge, original, distinct. The Wolf Man – the artist as well as his song – is a unique force in the world of rap.

The song hails Billin’s arrival on the scene with his self-titled debut. Rich with his signature style, the song showcases his love of women and entertainment and gives everyone a taste of his wit and charisma. “I love painting images in people’s heads and drawing conclusions for them to understand me – no one has to guess what I want and need,” says The Wolf Man. “That’s the power of creating something which gives any artist the advantage of being different …”

“The Wolf Man” reveals why Billin is already a power with which to be reckoned in the world of hip-hop. It’s driven by his one-of-a-kind voice and beats. His vocals have a grit and growl – yet also a smoothness – and they’re a perfect match for the sound and pattern of his grooves. He’s no typical rap artist – though he grew up in the hood and “the hood is in me” – but he tells a different story of the hustler’s ambition to prosper. “Get to know me, you’ll love me!”

Billin is not only an artist but also a music producer. He writes his own material, makes original beats (absolutely no samples) and records and masters his sound. He’s the son of an entertainer – his mother was a singer and songwriter. The Wolf Man is a multi-talented individual, indeed. “I am a percussionist, guitarist, keyboardist and bass guitarist.”

His nickname stems from his love of the animal. “I love wolves – they are the coolest of God’s creatures. I created my image based on the personality of the wolf, being that they are wild, free, and aggressive. My music is all about expression and my image about being your own creative self.”

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