Sonic Bliss – Loved to Death (CD)

Sonic Bliss begins their “Loved to Death” with “Sahara”. “Sahara” is a confident rock track that has hints of Disturbed and Static-X present, even as the band crafts a unique sound that will easily clue listeners in as to the identify of Sonic Bliss. The band is able to create an iconic sound and shift it up enough through the track’s six minute run time to keep listeners firmly planted in their seats and eagerly anticipating “Loved To Death”’s second track, “Far Cry”. “Far Cry” melds the new rock sound first broached during “Sahara” with a tried and true eighties metal approach.

The intense guitars and Geoff Tate-like vocal stylings present during this track provides Sonic Bliss with another tool for their arsenal as well as involve fans of older metal acts that may have been on the fence at the end of “Sahara”. “Better Days” is a more upbeat type of track for Sonic Bliss, but the song does not move away from the solid musicianship and catchy arrangements of the act. The hopeful sound of the track seems underscored with a creeping dread that goes far beyond in complexity what any similar act has committed to disc. Of all of the tracks on “Loved to Death”, the best track comes in “Home Again”. Whether other tracks had added one new element to the allure of Sonic Bliss, “Home Again” does that and more, linking together all of these elements into an incredibly memorable track. There are a number of different paths that one can take during the track, whether it one follow the hooky guitar line that permeates all points, the “Hell Bent For Leather” style of the vocals, or the supremely-supportive backing vocals that spice up the beginning of “Home Again”.

However impressive “Home Again” is as a track, Sonic Bliss does not let up through the rest of the album. “Babe I’m Dying” understands that it has some big shoes to fill, but takes a completely different tack to keep listeners on their feet and include a funkiness to the band’s hard rock / metal style that has not been heard in any serious quality since the days of Kyuss and Faith No More. “Seven Days” ends “Loved to Death”, providing an exclamation point to what was a killer album. However, there are enough twists and turns taken during the track to ensure that Sonic Bliss can begin their next album in countless ways, while keeping the listener base they cultivated during this album. Pick “Loved to Death” up. You will not regret it.

Top Tracks: Far Cry, Home Again

Rating: 8.5/10

Sonic Bliss – Loved to Death / 2008 Self / 10 Tracks /

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One thought on “Sonic Bliss – Loved to Death (CD)”

  1. Finally!!!…after sitting around BS’n about the old days, talking about when bands were bands, like Zeppelin, Tull, Yes, Johnny & Edgar Winter, The Who, Chicago and all the others in that era and someone commented that there hasn’t been an outstanding band that endures in a long time….well guess what people…this band is a mix of the days of old and a mix of new technologies and technics all wrapped up in one kick ass band!…I was very fortunate to see them at the Highline Ballroom when they opened for Prong….AWESOME!!!!!….so if you’re on the prowl for your next favorite band of all times…..check out Sonic Bliss

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