Val Emmich Battles Dodge balls and Ninja’s in “Get on With It” + great American Girl Cover

This is the latest video from Val Emmich for “Get on With It” shows off Val’s supreme sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself as he battles and obstacle course of Ninja’s, a slip n’ slide, being mauled by dodge balls, running through tires as he tries to “Get on With It.”It’s definitely a day brightener it’ll just make you smile….and most likely laugh! Val has also recorded an incredible stripped down version of “American Girl” that was featured on Ugly Betty this season on which Val is guest starring as Betty’s musician neighbor, he’ll be performing this Thursday on the show….set your Tivo!

American Girl Cover (Also on MySpace):
Get on With It Video:
Ugly Betty Teaser:

“Get On With It” (MP3)

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