Wonkavision #29

The price is right, but with each subsequent issue of Wonkavision I feel that the adverts are grapping more and more of the attention away from the pieces in the zine. When they are laid out in a more interesting way than the major pieces this issue, individuals cannot do anything but be distracted to the full-page ad for Coheed or The Suicide Machine’s half-page profiteering. The neareast the actual pieces in the zine get to being as visually interesting as the advertisements comes with the opening to the interview with Astro Magnetics Records, which employs a drawing alongside a static picture. As in other issues, there seems to be a major focus on the current “band of the week”, as this issue talks about GymClassHeroes, Every Time I Die and The Black Dahlia Murder. Ringside is the only band that garners a focus that is the least bit “underground”, but to be honest the most important pieces in this issue are not those that deal with bands. The cover story is about DIY businesses, and relies on individuals like Ian MacKaye and pieces that detail independent venues (where the hell is the Mr. Roboto Project?) to really make people what to buy this issue. There is still the diverse focus that have been present throughout WonkaVision’s run, but this time there seems to be a little too much deference to the PR firms and record labels this time. Give this zine a spin, even if it just for the photo essay and DIY content this issue.

Rating: 5.6/10

Wonkavision #29 / $2.95 / :40 / 72M / http://www.wonkavisionmagazine.com / Justin@wonkavisionmagazine.com / Reviewed 03 September 2005

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Author: James McQuiston

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