Woven 4 : The Secret Issue

Pretty much just a poetry zine with a minor amount of spicyness thrown in with its inventive folding techniques, which obscure everything besides the zine title and “secret” on the front and back covers. While the zine is nothing more than a piece of paper folded into something resembling a house, the poetry that is hidden inside is of a different quality than most of the poetry typically found in per-zines. This poetry is actually pretty decent, and authors contained within are proud enough of it to tag it with an e-mail address. “On Wax Paper” is much like the typical per-zine fodder, talking about a form of wonderlust endemic with free spirits such as zinesters. However, the poem of this issue goes to “The Lady of Lusignan Melusine”, which is a poem that adheres well to the theme of secretsy. “The Lady” is about a persons desire to hide from their significant other the fact that the main character is actually a mermaid. Layla’s poem reads almost like the sweetest emo song, and Glenn’s piece ties the theme of the zine in with eir’s defense of irregularity. Woven 4 ends just as it began: with a minipage hiding the content of the issue.

Rating : 6.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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