Zygote #1

This zine is a really short read, but it makes sense for the editor, Ziggy Cyanide, to slowly enter this as eir tackles some pretty heady stuff in this zine, including religion and depression. More specifically, pieces like the text from an AIM session show more about personality than any properly-written piece or work. From the first actual page of the magazine, Ziggy goes and lays out ey’s story : that of a formally diagnosed manic depressive who has lapsed from a Catholic upbringing to slowly bring eyself into zen Buddhism. A small piece details the reason why ey is vehemently pro-life, which doesn’t go into much detail besides the fact that ey believes in all human life. I’d like to see what ey believes about the validity of mother’s rights, but that can be resolved in a private conversation. Overall, while this zine is pretty short, one can actually get a good idea of what Ziggy’s life involves, and the zine itself is a good set up for the number of zines that ey has since produced. Pick this up and you will not be disappointed.

Rating : 6.1/10

Zygote #1 / “Unravelled” – Half Sized/ 20 Pages / $1 or Trade / chemical_imbalance_@hotmail.com
Address on Request.

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Author: James McQuiston

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