Airtight Garage – Felangus Box (CD)

When I saw this CD I was expecting nothing but overbearing indie rock that would have me wanting to kill myself between the fifth and sixth track. I was wrong, as Mike Ness says, as tracks like “Ocean Close” show a nice mixture of the Doors, R.E.M. and the B-52s, all packaged together with a fairly convincing mastering. The overall tone of the disc is solidified with “Duke The Deadman & Spike the Goddamned”, and it is during tracks like “Straight Message” that slightly different directions are taken by the band, ensuring that their listener base will not get bored. In fact, :”Straight Message” is the stepping off point, as after Airtight Garage have hooked in their listener base, they really have carte blanche to do whatever they wish with the rest of the disc. What results, in tracks like “Passing Star”, are very catchy alt-rock tunes that seem perfect for another time (think the turn of the nineties) instead of the cold and mechanical drek that is being pushed on the world en masse by record companies. Continue reading “Airtight Garage – Felangus Box (CD)”

Les Hatepinks Tour

The dirty French are invading us at a last minute notice. The first and probably the last time. It’s close to the end of the ride my friends and this will be of apocalyptic proportions or maybe just a severe hangover. Sick of pizza? Ready to microwave some drugs? The boss is actually letting me take a vacation so I can build up my indulgence levels for this atrocity. Let’s show les HATEPINKS how us stupid fat hamburger eaters get down! Continue reading “Les Hatepinks Tour”

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Thom Hopkins

Thom was born in Michigan in 1951. His family moved to Southern California in the mid fifties. His first guitar lesson was at the age of 8. His first studio recording was the age 13 as a bassist with top forty band the “The Bach 5” whose signature song was “Harpsichord Player” by J.S. Bach. During his 4 or more years with “The Bach 5” he also made appearances as a folk singer at age 15 and opened for various artists such as “The Dillards” and “The Music Machine.” Continue reading “NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Thom Hopkins”

Air Supply – The Singer and the Song (CD)

Now, Air Supply has to be behind the 8 ball when it comes to “The Singer and the Song”. First off is the fact that the band has not charted in a meaningful way for about 20 years, and secondly, that this is an acoustic album. Acoustic albums usually only get picked up by fans of the group, of which there quite a few still around (175,000 attendance at a show in Cuba), but what does “The Singer and the Song” have to really draw in anyone that is under 25? Continue reading “Air Supply – The Singer and the Song (CD)”

3 Doors Down to perform during halftime at Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons NFC wildcard playoff game in Arizona

Universal Republic juggernaut 3 Doors Down is set to bring their chart-topping success to 1 Cardinals Way for halftime of the NFC wildcard playoff game. The Atlanta Falcons will meet the Cardinals for Arizona’s home-field playoff advantage, the first in sixty-one years. Game day is Saturday, January 3rd. The Mississippi/Nashville rockers are set to take over the University of Phoenix stadium to entertain a capacity crowd of 63,000 NFL fans in Glendale, Arizona next weekend. Continue reading “3 Doors Down to perform during halftime at Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons NFC wildcard playoff game in Arizona”

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces The Williams Family

We are the Williams Family. Katie the youngest, sings, plays guitar and keyboards, writes and arranges, Madison sings, plays the keys and writes, Jammy sings and write and arranges the vocals and Storm sings a little, plays the keys, guitars and programs the drums and helps with the writing and arranging. Our purpose is to bring honor to the Creator of all music and creation our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. We also enjoy having fun with making music.

Why this name? That’s our name. Do you play live? On rare occasion. We hope to do more coming in 2009. Stay tuned for more. Your influences? Too many to name. There is no telling what you will hear from our little group. We go from hip/hop rap to classical to hard rock to folk. again stay tuned. Favorite spot? Any where we are all together.

Equipment used: The Bible, Prayer (lots and lots) Fender and Epiphone guitars. Cakewalk Dimension Pro softsynth. Cakewalk Rapture synth. Korg keyboards, several computers Peavey Sound enclosures, mics and assorted PA gear and beta-monkey drum loops Anything else…? There are no regrets in following Christ. There are plenty of regrets elsewhere.


Airport 81 – Put Your Squares Together (CD)

The electronic sound of “Bonus Jack” is not necessarily influenced by Devo, but it really comes out of a more current techno / electronic vein . The bass line of “Hectrometre” really casts Airport 81 into a different vein, Each of the tracks on “Put Your Squares Together” has a completely different set of influences; a song like “Low Speed Impact Test” really seems to be pushed forward by a Locust type of sound. There is nothing in the way of vocal tracks, which really makes “Put Your Squares Together” into an album that would work perfect for those people wishing to zone out. The tracks of this album are fairly innocuous, with a track like “Square Vehicles On Collision Course”, Airport 81 gets their hardest and it is still nowhere near the intense electronic sounds of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult or Ministry. Continue reading “Airport 81 – Put Your Squares Together (CD)”


Belgium über doom band SERPENTCULT has completed work on its debut album. The monstrously heavy Weight of Light will drop in North America on January 27, 2009 via Rise Above Records. Continue reading “SERPENTCULT SET TO RELEASE DEBUT ALBUM, “WEIGHT OF LIGHT””

Alex Bershadsky stands out as a harbinger amidst musicians, not only in his native Israel – but across the globe. Alex is a seasoned composer and accomplished bass player. While he is well schooled in the academics of performance and composition, he still allows the creative innovation and freedom to flow freely from his Muses. Alex has a soul filled with faith and persistence embodied with a total dedication to music. Continue reading “”