Bell X1 New Album Coming March 3; “How Your Heart is Wired” MP3

Bell X1‘s US debut Flock earned the band incredible reviews earlier this year and the Irish trio are now primed to take on America with their most ambitious album to date.  Landing somewhere a “little bit electronic, a little bit Bacharach and a little bit New Orleans Funeral March”, Blue Lights On The Runway, is a coherent and intriguing record from start to finish. Recalling Eno-era Talking Heads, Sigur Ros, and XTC on jagged, vintage synth-laden “Broken Umbrella,” the syncopated “How Your Heart Is Wired,” fuzzed out hard rocker “Breast Fed,” the electrifying “The Great Defector,” and gorgeous ballad “Light Catches Your Face,” it’s a perfect re-introduction of the band to American ears.

For the first sneak peek check out “How Your Heart Is Wired” MP3:

Press release, cover art & photo attached.
US tour dates soon to be announced.

Blue Lights On The Runway drops March 3rd, courtesy of Yep Roc Records.

Artist:  Bell X1
Album:  Blue Lights On The Runway
Label:  Yep Roc Records
Release:  March 3 2009

Track List:
1. The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella
2. How Your Heart is Wired
3. The Great Defector
4. Blow Ins
5. Amelia
6. A Better Band
7. Breastfed
8. Light Catches Your face
9. One Stringed Harp
10. The Curtains are Twitchin’

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