Clean Slate Riesling Names the Top Ten Public Figures Who Most Need a Clean Slate for the New Year

As Americans say goodbye to 2008, Clean Slate Riesling considers those celebrities and national figures who most need — and perhaps, deserve — to begin 2009 with a clean slate. For years Riesling has had a bad reputation for being overly sweet and in kitschy blue bottles with undecipherable labels. Clean Slate’s modern packaging, uncomplicated label and crisp and refreshing flavors are giving Riesling a clean slate and making it easy and fun for consumers to once again enjoy this delicious noble grape. A consumer favorite, Clean Slate is one of the top 10 best selling German Rieslings in the United States.

To create the list, Clean Slate asked 100 lifestyle editors from newspapers across the country to name those most in need of the proverbial cleansing of their respective slates. Here’s what they said:

1. Britney Spears — In first place is one of America’s former favorite sweethearts with 32%, more than double the votes cast for her nearest competitor for the Clean Slate title. Britney may be well on her way with a new number one CD, a year-end publicity blitz that must be making her PR person proud and upcoming tours planned for the United States and Japan.

2. Lindsay Lohan — In second, with 13% of the tally, the MySpace maven continues to struggle with the stalkerazzi. Her relationship with Samantha Ronson seems solid, so she too may be well on her way to a new level of peace regardless of the antics of ardent fans and photographers.

3. Sarah Palin — 10% of the lifestyle editors would like to see the Alaskan candidate emerge from the presidential race without some of the political baggage that dogged her trans-continental campaigning. Perhaps she should spend some time in the return line at Neiman Marcus?

4. Amy Winehouse — At 9%, the troubled British songstress certainly needs a rest from the machinations of her spouse. After he took the credit in the tabloids for introducing Amy to drugs, he asked for a lot of Lincolns not to tell all in a blabby new book. Best place for him may just be the slammer.

5. David Duchovny — When it became clear that Californication was not far from the truth, the former sci-fi stud went into rehab and split with his wife. Seemingly back on track, he and Tea reportedly have a new $7.5 million Manhattan manse and look like they’re planning to spend the New Year together.

6. George Bush — Already planning their escape from D.C. to Dallas, on January 20, there’s no doubt that the president and his first lady will be making a new start. Never have so many celebrated so wholeheartedly for so few — and it’s a good bet no one is happier about this change of titles than Mrs. Laura.

7. Robert Downey, Jr. — Emerging from multiple rounds of rehab to play icons from Iron Man to Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Downey seems to have shed his years of more-than-youthful indiscretion. Did someone say Iron Man, Part Deux?

8. Hilary Clinton — Another veteran campaigner who seems to be on a whole new track, Madam Secretary will surely keep things in order at State. But will Bill be able to tame his tongue? Stay tuned.

9. Paris Hilton — Will her new BFF, Britney Flickinger, keep this party girl on an even keel? Only the paparazzi will know for sure, but they’re always willing to share when the gossip is about our best-known hotel heiress.

10. Winona Ryder — Though we thought her shoplifting days were behind her, Winona can’t seem to escape the stigma. Wonder if Bulgari will be welcoming her back in 2009.

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