Daniel Lenz – Stuck in a Dream (CD)

“Stuck in a Dream” is Daniel Lenz’ debut album. From the first few seconds of the intro
track, “I Do It Again”, I find that incredibly hard to believe. The sound of the song is too crisp, the compositions too intense, for this to be the first solo effort from this artist. This is Josh Wink, this is the Chemical Brothers, but with compositions that are fresh and new and ready to rule the post-2008 world. What will immediately get listeners is the fact that each track, whether it be “Check It Out” or “Give Me More”, uses a distinct set of influences that showcases the eclecticism of Lenz. Furthermore, the songs together unite to form a cohesive sound during “Stuck in a Dream” despite these different influences and styles taken: Lenz really flexes his musical muscles during “Stuck in a Dream”.

While this is Lenz’ first album, he competes at the same high level of artists such as the Crystal Method and Squarepusher. The disc’s fifteen cuts may immediately raise a red flag to some, but the quality of each track is such that removing even one would have a detrimental effect to the enjoyment that a listener would have. A particular favorite on “Stuck in a Dream” would have to be “Time To Rock”. This is due to the fact that the track has a bit of an industrial edge that updates the sound of a White Zombie or even a Rammstein for the current period, linking it to dance music through conduits like Dirty Vegas or the aforementioned Crystal Method to make it into a track that speaks something that every listener can appreciate.

Where individuals may say that the electronic genre is dead and has been since the late nineties, Lenz’ work on “Stuck in a Dream” are those that will singlehandedly breathe life back into the genre. If you like the genre in the slightest, or just like compositions that showcase thoughtfulness and planning, make it your goal to purchase “Stuck in a Dream” today. The high energy present on the album should be enough to keep listeners amped and poised to do anything that they may be assigned throughout the day. I know that I will be bouncing this throughout the new year.

Top Tracks: Time To Rock, Push The Tempo

Rating: 8.8/10

Daniel Lenz – Stuck in a Dream / 2008 Self / 15 Tracks / http://www.daniellenz.com

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One thought on “Daniel Lenz – Stuck in a Dream (CD)”

  1. Have you ever heard of Psykosonik (Silicon Jesus, Teknojihad, Unlearn) or Hednoize (Devil’s Train)? Daniel, with Psykosonik, has a year on Crystal Method and formed around the same time Chemical Brothers. Lenz is back and it seems, with a vengence. For many years, I had a domain named after the Psykosonik song Teknojihad, and I regret letting it lapse, but I know many teknophiles who spent many a nights behind a computer screen with songs from Lenz and his fellow musicians blasting, albeit on headphones, but still hacking away…

    Glad ur back, Lenz!

    th3 r3515tanc3

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