Here comes Trouble: TROUBLE ANDREW

Trouble Andrew has been making noise through the snowboard, sk8 and surf world, playing at events like X-games and Burton snowboard world tours…Trevor Andrew aka Trouble Andrew has been a professional snowboarder for Burton since the age of 14 (he’s now 27) breaking his bones for respect and a pay check.

He wrote his first songs while rehabbing after a snowboard injury that put him off snow for 8 months in 2005. In this time he discovered his musical talents at his fiancé Santi White aka Santogold’s apartment in Brooklyn where he was surrounded by music equipment and a lot of time to kill.

In 2007 he put out an LP under the name Trouble Andrew (previously only available on iTunes). We are re-releasing a remixed/remastered version of this underground classic on January 13th with bonus track!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with his music, get a taste of it at or from the video for “Bang Bang” on YouTube: The music was born out of the sk8 and snowboard culture Trouble grew up in. The sound is like 80’s pop, punk, surf, sk8rock, electro krunk all mixed together. The mash up sound he’s calls “krunk rock”.

The official follow up Trouble Andrew album will be released on Virgin records in Summer 2009. It’s going to be Trouble next year!!!

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