Introducing: Perish The Thought

Perish the Thought

Formed in 2007 from the ashes of Shambuenos , Sylvia Saint and Loophole. Perish The thought make music informed by the aggression of metal , the urgency of punk and the melody of gothic rock .

Subtle in their approach to all things 2007 was quietly spent honing their sound be it in the studio or in support of local and International acts such as Hell Is For Heroes, New Model Army, Rulers Of The Planet , El Bastardo and Arm The Elderly . None the less, their subversive approach to 2007 still saw them earn respect as one of the most abbrassive live acts on the local circuit. Passed guises also have seen members supporting such acts as Suicidal Tendencies, Paradise Lost, Cyclefly, The Futureheads and playing the same stage at the Oxegen festival (Punchestown, Dublin), as Interpol and James Brown.

A contrary bunch, no plans for a release were made that year but all the same they spent a great deal of time with the mysterious Jasper Kanine demoing tracks at the garage studio.

Despite their best efforts these tracks took on a life of their own. Through the wonders of the internet and the good old fashion passing cds about after gigs , two tracks in paticular seemed to grab peoples attention . “Cant Stop” and “Dead Forever”. Kudos in fanzines and on websites both these tracks later went on to appear as part of a soundtrack to an extreme sports movie ‘EFK’ (Extreme F*$kin Kayak). Not bad going considering these never had a proper release and still don’t. By the end of 2007 Perish the Thought had a lot people asking : ‘what next?’. You have thought the minor success of 07 would have left the group happy and inspired for 08. Inspired yes. Happy no…

So under a dark cloud 08 began so back to the studio with Jasper kanine with a resolve:

Keeping on the radar with a few gigs here and there, our five anti heroes spent the rest of the time in the studio concocting and experimenting, drawing from influences as far removed as The Cure to Slayer; the Police to Opeth.

So now Perish The Thought are ready to turn the page of another chapter in their sinister tale with the release on August 22nd 2008 of their debut proper the mini album Prose for Pariahs, containing five tracks veering from fury to the cerabal it is a playlist essential for anyone who has to deal with this world . Slick production clashing with a raw enrgy puts it in a wide appealing catergory. While most guitar bands of the noughties are soothing to the sounds of post rock paunch, Perish The Thought are turned up to thirteen and demanding your attention.

Prose for Pariahs will be released in all good record shops on August 22nd and available for download through iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster MP3 and AmazonMP3.

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