Knob Creek (100 Proof)

I still recall my first experience with Knob Creek. I was with one of my friends at DePauw University and ordered a whiskey sour using Knob Creek. I was a big fan of the spirit in that concoction, but this was with limited experience in the field (only being exposed to Ten High, Evan Williams, and Jack Daniels previously) and with the sample being blended in with a mixer. Luckily enough, we received a sample of Knob Creek at NeuFutur headquarters a few weeks ago, and we had a proper time to dissect the complex flavors and bite of this special whiskey.

Cutting through the wax that covers the top of the bottle, one cannot help but immediately be hit by the woodsy bite of Knob Creek’s aroma. For me the smell is reminiscent of summer days spent out in the sun, half-cut whiskey barrels releasing their strong bouquet to anyone that drew near. After experiencing this bouquet, individuals may be a little put off by the higher alcohol content (100 proof) that Knob Creek enjoys over the rest of the competition. Any fears that prospective drinkers may have will be allayed at the first sip, which goes down smooth before delivering a belly-warming wallop that sticks around.

Of course, the best possible use for this whiskey would have to be either alone or over the rocks, but Knob Creek slides in nicely to the aforementioned whiskey sour or even a Manhattan or Boilermaker. There are a number of different whiskeys on the market today, but for the price (hovering around the $20 to $40 range), one simply cannot get a finer type than Knob Creek. Hell, I’d even place Knob Creek alongside the whiskeys in the next higher price bracket (Blanton, Basil Hayden): after my experience with this spirit, I will have a prominent space in my liquor cabinet for Knob Creek for years, if not decades, to come. If you are a fan of bourbon whiskey and have not experience Knob Creek, make it a point to pick up a bottle today.

Rating: 9.0/10

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