Krista – “Temporary Insanity”

The Song:

“This rage feeds off the sound of me breaking you down”

Krista is charging into battle with the fist single from her upcoming debut album, Taking Back Brooklyn. Entitled “Temporary Insanity,” Krista describes her departure from reality while in a destructive relationship. She struggles to move on and leave behind this bad place in her life in order to find peace and happiness within herself. Her angelic voice introduces us to what ultimately becomes a fierce rhyme spit over a rap-metal background, complete with thick bass and hard thrashing guitars. This deadly combination makes her irresistible, whether you prefer head-nodding or head-banging.


Krista – “Temporary Insanity”

The Background:

Recently signed to J Records by the legendary Clive Davis, Krista has come a long way from her troubled past. Growing up in Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, Krista used her hard-knock experiences to fuel the fire of her passion for music, which materializes in rough and tumble rap and soulful, inspired vocals. Her unique blend of musical talents sets her apart from today’s pop divas and drama queens. In her upcoming debut album Taking Back Brooklyn, Krista battles the demons of her past and looks forward to her future. She says of the album, “It’s about taking it back to where I’m from – the whole collage of living in Brooklyn,” she explains. “But it’s also about what art and writing and music means to me. How I want to take back from my life what has been taken from me. Music was emotional therapy for me, it IS emotional therapy for me.” Taking Back Brooklyn will be released in early 2009 on J Records / Vel Records.

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