NeuFutur Magazine Introduces the American Zeros

Chris Ryan – DJ KDGE 102.1 The Edge Dallas, TX – ‘Great songwriters, great musicians, AMERICAN ZEROS have got it, whatever ‘it’ is…”

Eric Raines – Clear Channel KASE 101 Morning Crew Producer/Voice Talent C101 Corpus/KVET Austin/KNFX College station(and several others): AMERICAN ZEROS music was an instant addition to many of the stations I work on and generated heavy phones for a relatively new group…Bad Ass!!”

Pugs – Talkshow host The Pugs and Kelly Show LIVE 105.3 FM Dallas, TX: What a fresh sound! These guys have a very good mix of great lyrics and vocals. Their music flat out sounds good!”

Frank Pain – Program Director Rock 108 Abilene, TX: What a huge sound for a trio; these guys sold me when they came into the studio and did a live acoustic set.”

Fern Alvarez Jr. – FOH sound for Dixie Chicks, Lisa Marie Presley, James Taylor: ‘I’ve worked with Chis and Steve in the past and watched them develop into a great band. AMERICAN ZEROS produce an awesome live show, making it a pleasure for sound men like myself.”

Katie Daryl – Budweiser True Music host/Producer: “AMERICAN ZEROS understand the meaning of putting on a live show. These guys pack the stage with energy and deliver music that makes you walk over to the merch booth and buy their CD! True professionals.”

AMERICAN ZEROS is a rock/power pop trio from Dallas. They are musically known for their strong harmonies and ability to write catchy and multi-faceted songs. Their newest release, ‘Draw!’ has 14 tracks plus a blooper bonus track, with songs comparable to bands such as Incubus, the Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Collective Soul, John Mayer, U2, and even a little AC/DC.

Their music is a timeless blend of 80’s influenced catchy choruses with strong harmonies and a deep pocket rhythm section. American Zeros has shared the stage with numerous national acts such as Eve 6, Everclear, Bowling For Soup, the Burden Brothers, and the Gin Blossoms, and is in the planning stages of tours all over the United States. Check them out at or

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