Phil and the Osophers release two new tracks on RCRD LBL today! listen in!

Brooklyn duo Phil and the Osophers share two songs from their new album “Toward Conquering The Invisible North”!

“Brooklyn duo Phil And The Osophers are a band who swim in the same gutter water of neo-Nuggets groups like The Black Lips and King Khan & The Shrines, the three-chord pop songs written for cheap guitars and drums that sound like they’re falling all over the room set.” — rcrd lbl

“After hearing these brand new tracks we are absolutely positive that people will be falling in love with them when they take the stage. It may have taken a while to get the word out about this Brooklyn two-piece, but now that it’s out expect some really great things from these boys in the near future!!!” – pop tarts suck toasted

“Phil and the Osophers: what you would play for a group of school kids to show them how fun music can be.” – L Magazine

Channeling other folksters like John Prine and Dan Bern, Phil’s clever and flippant lyricism shines through in all his tunes that harken back to the days of the traveling balladeer.” -Zig Zag Live

“if we were to assign one of our food icons to Phil and the Osophers we would have to create a new one, the stew icon, as their music can be described as a brew involving ingredients as disparate as folk, jazz, blues and rock. The project is a de facto one-man band, with Philip Radiotes writing and playing all of the instruments and inviting the occasional musician friend over for some creative contribution. — The Deli Magazine

“post-folk music that incorporates the soul of the blues, the heart of country and the mind of jazz”– College Music Journal
Phil and the Osophers just finished a two-show October run with Les Savy Fav in Boston (at Middle East downstairs) and Brooklyn (at Music Hall of Williamsburg). The Brooklyn 2-piece bikini have been on a tear recently: playing SXSW and the blogger curated After The Jump Fest, as well as playing shows with Le Loup, the Ruby Suns, and the Dodos as well as upcoming showcases at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

Phil and the Osophers are also getting ready to make their fifth full length album, Toward Conquering The Invisible North, available on CD and digitally. The album finds the band developing into a jingly and jangly artistic indie rock with carefully crafted and philosophical lyrics. The band has a catalog of over 100 songs, but this new album is their most impressive work to date. The 12 song cycle is arranged as a family tree, with the first song being the album’s patriarch and the last song being the newest of lineage. It is this sort of innovation that makes Phil and the Osophers such a one-of-a-kind act.

Get your hands on more smart, philosophical tracks at their sites, share them and exploit them:

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  1. cool you’re into this band….these boys should start gettin g more love soon…haven’t seen them live in awhile though so i’ll definitely get their album

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