Resin – Truth Be Told (CD)

“Song F” begins “Truth Be Told”; this track immediately blasts listeners with a wall of sound before settling in that is aggressive and furious, using a set of vocals that draw on artists and acts like Mike Ness and Sponge. The band works well in the hard rock category, but the gritty, swirling sound approached during this track will make this track and subsequent tracks on “Truth Be Told” readymade for alt rock. The band does not lose steam coming into the next track, “Not for You”. Rather, “Not for You” is one of the brightest points on the early part of “Truth Be Told”, as it turns up the rock to 11 in the creation of something that is pound by pound heavier than anything that Mudvayne or Slipknot could ever create. The band takes another step beyond bands like that in that they include a groove that will bring a tear to the eye of fans of acts like Fu Manchu and Kyuss.

“Feel” is another amazing track amidst an album of hits: where the opening instrumental progression is not difficult, it provides a perfect foundation for which the vocals can truly shine. The vocals themselves contribute more than just vocals on this track: they conform to the instrumentation, linking together the two typically distinct elements into a track that will likely steamroller anyone that is lucky enough to have this album already. The drum work during “Innocence” keeps the heavy approach going, while the vocals tell a story well. What results at the climax of “Innocence” is yet another hit for Resin, and the energy necessary for listeners to stick around until the disc wraps itself up.

I am sorry that I missed “Truth Be Told” this time around. I know that the rock world is full of bands creating pretty impressive efforts, but the 11 songs on “Truth Be Told” link together to make an album that operates at even a higher plane than these current efforts. If you fancy yourself to be a fan of rock music in the slightest, going to or CDbaby is an essential step: see what you have been missing for the last few years, and then attempt to take the next step and see this musical force live.

Top Tracks: Not For You, In the End

Rating: 9.0/10

Resin – Truth Be Told / 2003 Self / 11 Tracks /

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