Sexy Kids “Sisters Are Forever” 7″ out now

In the grand tradition of great pop music from Glasgow come Sexy Kids.
Featuring three members of the sadly departed Royal We (their “All The Rage”
single being one of THE anthems of 2006), Sexy Kids specialize in spiky
post-pop with the emphasis on POP. Drawing comparisons to groups like Girls
At Our Best and The Raincoats, Sexy Kids tunes never take the most direct
route, rather they revel in finding a roundabout path to that killer chorus.

Listening to “Sisters Are Forever,” the adjectives charming, playful and
earnest spring readily to mind. It’s a massive tune, with enough drive,
energy and smarts to mark it as a future classic. “Drown Me” is more
minimal, a skeletal jangle hanging on 8th note hi-hats, handclaps and a
la-la chorus. Pure magic, and a perfect complement to the punkish pop of
Sisters. This is Sexy Kids debut single, and on the strength of these two
ace tunes we think you’ll be eagerly awaiting more from them.

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