The Beach Boys cross paths with The Flaming Lips on Brass Bed’s “Midnight Matinee.”

Driven by a wide spectrum of influences, the music of Brass Bed moves easily through an eclectic mix of genres. From alt-country ballads and progressive rock hooks, to sticky-sweet, heart-felt lyrics, and dissonant experimental freak-outs, their unique mix of intelligently designed compositions has left some critics describing them as something akin to “The Beach Boys crossing paths with The Flaming Lips.”

Initially formed as a recording project in 2004, and now performing live as a fully expanded band, Brass Bed brings their studio precision and orchestration to the stage, literally filling it with instruments from pedal steel to piano. The band’s eccentric line-up, anchored by pounding rock perfection, offers the listener a full and richly satisfying sound experience that is sure to suit any palate.

Brass Bed has cast its spell on every prominent city in the South, performing with national acts like Colour Revolt, Oakley Hall, and Elf Power, and playing sets at Voodoo Music Experience, the Florida Music Festival, and Festival International de Louisiane. Brass Bed is rapidly winning the hearts of a dedicated and ever-growing fan base.


“Midnight Matinee is a breath of fresh air—a rock album that is intriguing from beginning to end.” – Anti-Gravity


12/06 Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea’s

12/18 New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar

“…a compellingly distinctive assembly of instrumentation that dutifully serves each song.” – Creative Loafing

“A winning confluence of effervescent indie rock, quirky psych-pop, country and even a couple of moments of noise…” – Orlando Weekly

“…Midnight Matinee is a kaleidoscope of orchestral flourishes, psych-pop contagiousness, fuzzed-out rock, wilting country winks, and even the occasional detour into noise. It’s an ADHD modus operandi that probably shouldn’t work, but thanks to watertight songwriting, is miraculously cohesive.” – Flagpole

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