X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (34 Proof)

I know that Hpnotiq is a major type of drink with the college set, but X-Rated Fusion is in many aspects a step above Hpnotiq. This is due to the composition of the liqueur, which ties together vodka, blood oranges, mango, and passion fruits into a cohesive and robust liqueur. The alcohol content (34 proof) means that this liqueur is equally good in and of itself, and as a mixer coupled alongside other mixers or with headier spirits.

One particular reviewer commented on its ease in drinkability, especially when the bottle is chilled and the contents doled out in straight shots. Another solid bet for X Rated Fusion would have to be the X-Rated Foreplay, which marries the fruit flavors of X-Rated with the bubbliness and lemon-lime bite of Sprite to make for a drink that tastes like a soda, but provides the warmth necessary to break through Winter’s chill. X-Rated Fusion brings a variety to the different types of French-based liqueurs out there, shaking up a market that has been oriented towards Alize and the aforementioned Hpnotiq in the last few years. X-Rated Fusion also expands upon the types of alcohol in a positive way, as it provides a blue print that subsequent releases by Skyy and other companies can used to make the next great evolution in liqueurs.

The X-Rated Flirtini that one can create using X-Rated has a solid analogue in cosmopolitians, so if you like the latter drink, give the former (equal parts X-Rated Fusion and vodka with splashes of Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice) a shot. I would personally love to see other iterations of the X-Rated Fusion that use vodka and other fruit bases (dragonfruit, acai, acerola, persimmon, and a host of different flavors could easily be the next big thing) released in the next few years. If you like a flavored liqueur that is not as heavy as some of the other types on the market (Triple Sec being one of many), I would have to wholeheartedly recommend X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. Make up your own drink and send it over to NeuFutur (and Skyy, of course): we’ll go and personally publish any that we receive in an addendum to this review.

Our first drink proffered is the Geisha Girl:

1.5 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
2.5 oz X Rated Fushion Liqueur
1 oz. Mango juice
Squeeze fresh lemon
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Garnish: Mango Heart or Lemon Wheel

Rating: 8.6/10

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (34 Proof) / Skyy Spirits / http://www.skyy.com /

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